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Birth Story

I finally have a free minute or two to share our birth story :). As you all know, I have been planning a natural childbirth since before I was pregnant. To help accomplish this, we hired a doula, went to childbirth classes, read and studied a lot, and developed a birth plan to communicate our wishes. Obviously, we don’t always have complete control over labor and delivery, but I wanted to be as prepared as possible since I knew that would help me get through the intensity and pain of labor.

So here’s the story of the birth of our beautiful son:
On Monday, I woke up and worked from home. I was still having consistent contractions, but they weren’t strong. As instructed by the doctor the night before, I called our OB’s office and made an appointment for Tuesday to discuss induction. As the day progressed, I started to Read more…


The flu is everywhere :(

39+ weeks pregnant and waiting for our little boy to make his appearance into the world :). On one hand, I want him hear right now — not because I’m uncomfortable, but because I really want to meet him — but on the other hand, I want him to come when he’s ready. After all, he probably knows best :). With all the medical advances made, I would think that doctors would be able to accurately predict when labor will begin, but in the end, it’s up to the baby to get things started when he’s ready.

Other than waiting for Baby W, I am doing everything I can to stay healthy. As you all probably know, the flu is spreading like wildfire and there is also a yucky stomach virus making the rounds. I got my flu shot (and so did hubby), and thankfully, I work from home, so am not around people (or their germs) very often. When I go out and am around people, I wash my hands frequently and use hand sanitizer┬á to protect myself from the yuckies. I also clean our house with bleach and do my best to eat healthy and get plenty of rest. So far, it’s working!

I am thankful that so far my stay-healthy-obsession has worked for me, but unfortunately I can’t say the same for everyone around me. My dad is sick — he started to feel sick on Friday, and has pretty much been out of commission since then. He’s not sure if it’s the flu because he won’t go to the doctor, but I certainly hope it’s only a cold that will pass quickly. My doula is also sick. I spoke to her yesterday and she didn’t sound great, and then she called me today and sounded awful. She also thinks she may have the flu :(. She went to the doctor yesterday for lab work and started Tamiflu just in case. At this point, it will be at least 4-5 days before she’ll be able to join us at the hospital.

I am not stressing since there is nothing we can do about our doula being sick. We are very well-prepared for this journey, and will get through it with or without her. Hubby and I have gone to plenty of classes and had a couple of meetings with our doula to review what to do to control pain naturally. We will just have to rely on this training to get us through labor and delivery :). I know we can do it!

Stay healthy everyone!

Baby Dust!!

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37 1/2 Weeks

37+ weeks and feeling good! I can’t believe that my little boy will be here sometime in the next 2 weeks or so – yay! I am beyond excited ­čÖé

This week has been good, but it’s getting more difficult to sleep and I am definitely not as hungry. I am still suffering from pretty awful heartburn, but I’ve found a pretty successful combination of Zantac and tums to keep the burning pain at bay. We had our 37-week appointment last Friday, and Baby W is beginning to settle in for his entry into the world. It was funny because the doctor couldn’t tell if he was head down – apparently his bottom is pretty round – so, we got another quick ultrasound to make sure he was in fact still head down. Thankfully, he is head down and ready for labor and delivery!

On Sunday, we had a great meeting with our doula. I really like her and am happy that we chose her to support us throughout our labor. She went over breastfeeding, labor positions, as well as what to expect during labor. As the date nears, I am getting more excited, but also feeling a little more anxious. Since it’s our first baby, labor will be a brand new experience. I know what to expect, but there is no way to fully prepare for it. It’s kind of like practicing for a big competition… There is only so much one can do to be ready before one has to perform. Hubby and I have to set aside this time this week to practice different labor positions and other pain-relieving techniques. This practice will help me to feel more relaxed on the big day. We practiced throughout our birth classes, but as my due date gets closer, it’s important that we’re prepared.

I have also been reading a lot about breastfeeding. Our bodies are truly remarkable! I can’t wait to bond with my baby by feeding him. At our hospital, the medical staff places the baby skin-to-skin immediately after birth and allows him to crawl up your body to nurse. I can’t wait for those first hours together- it will be truly amazing! I also learned that our health insurance covers our breast pump and 6 visits with a lactation consultant. I plan to take full advantage of both.

In other news, hubby is working ferociously to finish up the nursery. The room is painted and he is finishing up the baseboards and trim. It looks beautiful! He is also working on painting the baseball stitches on the wall. The furniture will be up in the room by this weekend, which will give me an opportunity to setup and organize the nursery. I want to put away all of his clothes, sheets, diapers, etc in the nursery and set up his bassinet in our room as well as a small changing station in our room. Finally, I want to set up his pack n’ play downstairs with a changing station, so no matter where we are, I can easily change his diaper and clothes as needed. It will be great to have it all done…

I will post some belly and room pictures soon. Until then, have a great week!

Baby dust.

30 Weeks — Baby Shower, Heartburn, and Doula Fun (Oh My!)

Hi All! I am almost 30 weeks pregnant — YAY! I can’t believe that we are moving into single-digit countdown territory — oh my goodness. The time is moving so quickly — it feels like the weeks are just flying by and that January will be here before I know it. YAY!

It has been an exciting and wonderful 2 weeks full of a lot of baby fun. First, my sister-in-law hosted an amazing baby shower for me. Every detail was perfect from the amazing baseball-themed invitations to the delicious food and the fabulous decor. She really outdid herself planning everything. I know she had a lot of help from my mom, her mom, and my best friends, and I am so grateful to all of them for their continued love and support. Baby W received SO many presents — he has a complete wardrobe for the next 9-12 months, and his nursery will be fully stocked with his crib and other baby goodies like his bouncer, swing, pack and play, and high chair. We also received a lot of books — I can’t wait to read to him! We have a lot of work to do to get his nursery ready, but can’t get started on it until the end of December. We rent out 2 rooms in our house, and one of the rooms is going to be our nursery. We have the basic nursery stuff planned out and are going to pick out colors this weekend, but it will be a mad dash to get everything done before he arrives. Thankfully, we will have a lot of help from my brother, best-friend, and other close friends :). I just can’t wait to see it all done and organize everything in his room!

Second, my heartburn is awful. I hate heartburn — I suffered from it at times before pregnancy, but now it’s just terrible. It basically flares up every time I eat or drink anything, even water. I take tums often, which provide quick, but not continuous relief. It’s definitely worse at night — I can literally feel it burning a hole through me — which often prevents me from sleeping. I wake up every two to three hours to pee and to take some tums. Lately, I have been struggling to fall back to sleep around 4 or 5 in the morning. I am not sure if it’s related to heartburn, but it’s annoying to be so tired and not be able to sleep. Most┬á mornings, I just get up around 5:45 and start my day instead of laying in bed getting frustrated. On the bright side, if I’m able to find time for a nap then I typically wake up feeling great :).

Finally, we had our first appointment with our Doula, and I am really glad that we chose her! She is knowledgeable, funny, and friendly┬á as well as supportive. She is actually a nurse by day who works with newborns, but as a doula, she will only be providing emotional and physical support; she won’t actually do any nurse-like activity. Our first appointment lasted a little more than 2 hours. We reviewed our birth plan and discussed the stages of labor. We also practiced a few different pain-relieving techniques. We also asked a ton of questions about everything from what’s normal in labor to breastfeeding support. We have our next meeting with her scheduled for early January… I can’t wait!
I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! I’ll write more about my fun family-filled holiday soon.

26 weeks!

Today is Baby W’s 26 week birthday! Time is moving very quickly, and I am feeling great :). I have been focusing on eating a healthy diet and getting my walking in. I walked over 20 miles last week, and have clocked 15 miles so far this week. I can feel a big difference in my energy level and am sleeping much better. Since I am walking 3-6 miles a day, I am making sure to eat a little more and drink significantly more water everyday. I have also been stretching more, which has reduced my hip pains, and has helped me get more comfortable sleep. Thank goodness!

26 Weeks (14 to go)

Baby W is the size of a head of lettuce!

My major complaint still tends to be heartburn! It really does suck, and sneaks up when I least expect it. I have tried eating smaller meals, eliminating spicy food, and eating dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime, but very little works. The worst is when I wake up at 3am with awful heartburn. Thankfully, generic tums are still working to fend off the pain, but I would prefer to use something more natural to combat it. The midwife we met with during our last appointment suggested papaya, but I keep forgetting to pick it up at the store.

I also have plenty of great news to share. First, we chose our birth doula! I am very excited to work with her, and can’t wait for our first meeting to develop our birth plan. I know the birth plan is more of a guide and is tentative, since every labor is different, but having a plan will help me to feel more in control, and better about the whole thing. I have also started to research what I need to pack in my hospital bag. I am planning to get it together at the beginning of my third trimester in a few weeks – yay! I also love the idea of bringing the maternity nurses little gift bags, so I am going to begin brainstorming what can go in their little gift bags. At this point, I know they will include a copy of my birth plan, treats, and some baked goods.

Second, Baby W is kicking up a storm. He’s been kicking for a while now, but he’s picked up the pace considerably over the last few weeks. He really enjoys kicking early in the morning, around 5am or so. I guess it’s his way of preparing me for middle-of-the-night feedings :). I have to say feeling him kick is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced.

Third, I am getting so excited for my baby shower! YAY! I am truly blessed to have amazing friends and family, and I can’t wait to spend time with everyone! Our families have been very generous — my parents are buying all of our cloth diapers, so we are set until Baby W is potty-trained! And, my in-laws just ordered our crib and crib mattress — yay!! So exciting :). I am so grateful for the love and generosity — thank you, thank you, thank you!

Finally, I am beginning our search for a nanny for when I return to work. As you may know, I am fortunate enough to work from home, so we are planning to keep Baby W home with me, and hire a nanny PT to help out while I am working.┬á There is still a lot of work to do on this front, but at least it’s started.

Hope you’re all having a great week!
Baby Dust!



24 WEEKs — 6 months!!!

Hi All! We are in our 6th month :). Just typing that makes me so VERY happy! I feel great, and Baby W is growing quickly (well, at least my belly is, so I assume it’s because he is :)). One of the best parts of being 24 weeks pregnant is the pretty constant kicking that I can feel — so exciting! His kicks can now also be felt from the outside, which is just remarkable! I still suffer from annoying heartburn, but tums and ice cream do the trick! Besides that, I also have some hip pain — apparently so they can loosed allowing them to grow to accommodate Baby W’s growth.
We’ve had an exciting couple of weeks! First, my brother got married! YAY! We had such a wonderful time celebrating his marriage — it was great! He married one of the most wonderful women I know, so I am beyond thrilled for both of them. It was a tiring trip, but so worth it. We also got to visit with a lot of family, friends, and loved ones, which was a very┬á nice treat.

22 weeks, 4 days

Getting ready for the fun!

Next, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law are in town for a quick visit. We are having so much fun! They brought us such cute gifts for Baby W, including an adorable book (his very first one)! I am so exciting to read it to him for the first time. Yesterday, we went apple and pumpkin picking; I loved every second of the adventure! We picked just over 11 pounds of apple, and have since made homemade apple cider and a delicious apple pie. We also turned the pumpkin into a beautiful pumpkin pie with a scrumptious graham cracker crust. Yummy!


We also have a lot going on in the baby planning world. We have been interviewing doulas, and hope to have our choice narrowed down soon. I know that I want a very natural birth, and want to put myself in the best place possible to avoid pain medication and medical interventions. I know this is not everyone’s choice, but I have always wanted this. We are also beginning to dip our toes into figuring out daycare options. Since I work from home, I am leaning towards a nanny who works PT. I would prefer to have Baby W home with me for a bit, and then eventually go the more traditional day care route.

So much to do!

Hope you’re all well ­čÖé

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