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11+ Weeks

My little guy is now 11+ weeks old, and is growing stronger and bigger every day. I swear he goes to bed one size and wakes up even larger – it’s remarkable! He has also changed a ton – his hair is lighter (kind of a strawberry blonde, like my dad), his eyes are getting darker (but still a beautiful grey color), and he has such a happy and lovable personality ;-). As for sleep, he is slowly starting to sleep a little longer – between 3 and 4 hours at night and napping for 1-2.5 hours during the day – which means that I am getting a little more rest. I am also starting to pay more attention to his sleeping habits – how long it takes him to fall asleep, how he falls asleep, and how long he sleeps – so we can get into a little more of a routine. I also want to begin a more regimented night routine to help him fall asleep more easily.

I have been back to work now for 2 weeks, and he’s adjusted well to having someone other than mommy take care of him. Thankfully, I primarily work from home, so I get to spend time with and feed him often – yay! I am sure the harder adjustment is on my end, but I am managing. I don’t really know how I would do it if I didn’t work at home, however. I have an almost 2-hour commute to my office, so I would barely see him awake during the week, which would be awful.

As for development, little man is starting to really pay attention to people’s faces and expressions. He also loves his hands. It’s so cute to watch him lay on the bed and get so much joy out of discovering his fingers. He’s also ‘talking’ a lot more and giggling a ton. His little voice is my favorite sound – it literally makes me instantly happier!

Life as a mom is even better than I imagined it would be. I am so very lucky to have a wonderful and loving hubby to share parenthood with.


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