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Big Boy!

Daddy and Lewis

Daddy and Lewis

My little boy is 7 month old today! I honestly can’t believe it… He weighs over 20 pounds, has 4 teeth, is eating solid food, sitting up, and beginning to crawl. Thankfully, he’s also one of the happiest babies I know — he loves to laugh and play, and smiles constantly. Being a mom is even better than I imagined. Here are some pictures from our 6-month photo shoot. ENJOY!

Mommy and Lewis

Mommy and Lewis

Happy baby

Happy baby

_mg_9619 _mg_9625

Family Picture

Family Picture


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4 thoughts on “Big Boy!

  1. what a cutie! Funny how quickly time flies by, huh? Mine just turned 4 months old….i know he will be sitting up and rolling around before i know it! Beautiful pics!

  2. Isn’t it crazy how time just flies by?! He is looking so healthy & happy! He is adorable. You have a beautiful family.

    My turns 9 months old in 4 days. Honestly, time just goes.

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