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35 weeks – size of a coconut

Woohoo, we are 35-weeks pregnant! It’s pretty hard to believe that I only have about a month left before we get to meet our little boy. I am so excited that I can barely contain it – yay!

I am feeling good, but my heartburn has resurfaced and I am definitely more sleepy these days. I am sleeping okay, but my body definitely requires more rest to get through the day. It could also be that we have been pretty busy with the holidays, which has required a lot more energy and thus more sleep. Either way, I have been taking advantage of my holiday vacation and getting more sleep as well as enjoying more downtime. 🙂

We are having a great holiday season… It’s hard to believe that it’s almost over. We had a nice Christmas – hubby got me an iPad! It will definitively come in handy with the new munchkin. It has an amazing camera, great video, and makes FaceTime easier. Plus, there are a ton of new mom apps to help with keeping track of everything from contractions to diaper changes! Very useful toy. After we celebrated, we went over to our friends’ house for a nice afternoon and dinner. Usually, we spend Christmas with hubby’s family, but spending 11 hours in the car just isn’t that exciting when your this pregnant. We had such a nice time relaxing with our friends- it was nice to spend quality time with them and enjoy a delicious meal.

Since we didn’t see family on Christmas Day, they are actually driving here to spend the weekend with us – I can’t wait! We basically get 2 Christmases! We have a lot of fun planned. On Friday night, I am going to make dinner for everyone. I am looking forward to it. I love cooking! I am going to start tomorrow, and will get everything done by Friday night. On Saturday, we are going to spend family time together and then head into NYC for a show and dinner. We are going to see Chaplin – fun fun! It will be a memorable weekend!

Anyhow, back to baby land. We are planning on starting (and hopefully finishing) the nursery over the next couple of weekends. I can’t wait to have it all done! Once it’s done, I will feel as ready as possible for for our little guys arrival. I will definitely post pictures soon. I also finished packing my hospital bag and the diaper bag. We also put together our stroller and car seat, now I just have to install they car seat base into my back seat. It doesn’t seem that hard, but its apparently pretty easy to mess up, so I am going to schedule a consultation to make sure I do it correctly. I am also reading two great books by Ina May Gaskin – one about natural childbirth and one about breastfeeding. They are both well-written, and very comprehensive. I am learning a lot about what to do to prepare myself for childbirth, and what to do immediately after birth to encourage breastfeeding. Our hospital is certified as ‘baby-friendly,’ which is great for breastfeeding. The hospital encourages skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth as well as rooming in. Plus, the nurses don’t give formula or pacifiers to the baby, which makes breastfeeding that much easier. So happy!

Have a great week! Baby dust to all


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