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34 Weeks — Butternut Squash!

I had my 34-week appointment earlier this week, and Baby W is doing well! He is moving around a TON, and is measuring around 5lbs. I can definitely feel the weight more in my belly now, and it’s great to watch my entire belly move side to side or wiggle as he moves around. The doctor was very positive about everything — my blood pressure is great, weight is okay, heartbeat is perfect (in the 140’s), so I am one happy mama!

The only not-so-positive thing is that Baby W continues to be breech :(. We are hoping he will turn head-down over the next two weeks — fingers crossed! I am trying some “natural” techniques to encourage him to do a head stand. First, I am playing music for him — I put on classical music and put headphones low on my belly. He definitely love the music as I feel him “dancing” in the womb, but hopefully it will encourage him to turn head down so he can hear it more clearly. Second, I am doing the breech tilt 2-3 times per day — basically raising my hips above my heart by elevating my pelvic area with pillows. It’s supposed to help relax the uterine muscles and allow the baby to turn. It’s not the most comfortable position, but it’s definitely better than the alternative. At our next appointment in 2 weeks, we are going to have an ultrasound to confirm his position — yay for another picture. If he is still head down, then we have the option of trying an external version. A version is medical procedure in which a trained doctor tries to manually move the baby into a head down position. It would be done in a hospital, and I would be given meds to relax my uterus. There are some risks associated with this procedure — it could start labor resulting in an emergency c-section — so I would prefer him to turn before my 36-week check-up. If we are unsuccessful in getting him to turn, then I will have a scheduled c-section :(.

I really don’t want to have a c-section… I have always wanted to have a natural birth, and the thought of having major surgery is scary. Obviously, the most important thing is that Baby W is healthy, but I would prefer him being healthy, head down, and coming out the natural way.

More to come soon — including some belly pics!


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4 thoughts on “34 Weeks — Butternut Squash!

  1. I’ll be praying he turns! I know breech is scary…I had to face the same thoughts a few weeks ago, but I had everyone pray and he turned on his own. I’ll be praying yours does the same. I also went to a kinesiologist chiropractor, and I truly believe that made a huge difference.

  2. Good luck on getting baby W to turn! He might just be taking his time. =)

    I echo your feelings on a natural birth. Its truly an incredible experience. Our little one is 12 days old today and I was blessed enough to have him come out the natural way.
    If you do end up with a C-Section, its ok. At least you and baby will be happy and healthy!

    • Thanks! He’s going to turn; I just know it! Congrats on your new little one. I am so glad you are both doing well, and that you had such a positive birth experience.

      Enjoy your new addition! Hugs

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