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34 1/2 weeks



35 weeks – size of a coconut

Woohoo, we are 35-weeks pregnant! It’s pretty hard to believe that I only have about a month left before we get to meet our little boy. I am so excited that I can barely contain it – yay!

I am feeling good, but my heartburn has resurfaced and I am definitely more sleepy these days. I am sleeping okay, but my body definitely requires more rest to get through the day. It could also be that we have been pretty busy with the holidays, which has required a lot more energy and thus more sleep. Either way, I have been taking advantage of my holiday vacation and getting more sleep as well as enjoying more downtime. ­čÖé

We are having a great holiday season… It’s hard to believe that it’s almost over. We had a nice Christmas – hubby got me an iPad! It will definitively come in handy with the new munchkin. It has an amazing camera, great video, and makes FaceTime easier. Plus, there are a ton of new mom apps to help with keeping track of everything from contractions to diaper changes! Very useful toy. After we celebrated, we went over to our friends’ house for a nice afternoon and dinner. Usually, we spend Christmas with hubby’s family, but spending 11 hours in the car just isn’t that exciting when your this pregnant. We had such a nice time relaxing with our friends- it was nice to spend quality time with them and enjoy a delicious meal.

Since we didn’t see family on Christmas Day, they are actually driving here to spend the weekend with us – I can’t wait! We basically get 2 Christmases! We have a lot of fun planned. On Friday night, I am going to make dinner for everyone. I am looking forward to it. I love cooking! I am going to start tomorrow, and will get everything done by Friday night. On Saturday, we are going to spend family time together and then head into NYC for a show and dinner. We are going to see Chaplin – fun fun! It will be a memorable weekend!

Anyhow, back to baby land. We are planning on starting (and hopefully finishing) the nursery over the next couple of weekends. I can’t wait to have it all done! Once it’s done, I will feel as ready as possible for for our little guys arrival. I will definitely post pictures soon. I also finished packing my hospital bag and the diaper bag. We also put together our stroller and car seat, now I just have to install they car seat base into my back seat. It doesn’t seem that hard, but its apparently pretty easy to mess up, so I am going to schedule a consultation to make sure I do it correctly. I am also reading two great books by Ina May Gaskin – one about natural childbirth and one about breastfeeding. They are both well-written, and very comprehensive. I am learning a lot about what to do to prepare myself for childbirth, and what to do immediately after birth to encourage breastfeeding. Our hospital is certified as ‘baby-friendly,’ which is great for breastfeeding. The hospital encourages skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth as well as rooming in. Plus, the nurses don’t give formula or pacifiers to the baby, which makes breastfeeding that much easier. So happy!

Have a great week! Baby dust to all

34 Weeks — Butternut Squash!

I had my 34-week appointment earlier this week, and Baby W is doing well! He is moving around a TON, and is measuring around 5lbs. I can definitely feel the weight more in my belly now, and it’s great to watch my entire belly move side to side or wiggle as he moves around. The doctor was very positive about everything — my blood pressure is great, weight is okay, heartbeat is perfect (in the 140’s), so I am one happy mama!

The only not-so-positive thing is that Baby W continues to be breech :(. We are hoping he will turn head-down over the next two weeks — fingers crossed! I am trying some “natural” techniques to encourage him to do a head stand. First, I am playing music for him — I put on classical music and put headphones low on my belly. He definitely love the music as I feel him “dancing” in the womb, but hopefully it will encourage him to turn head down so he can hear it more clearly. Second, I am doing the breech tilt 2-3 times per day — basically raising my hips above my heart by elevating my pelvic area with pillows. It’s supposed to help relax the uterine muscles and allow the baby to turn. It’s not the most comfortable position, but it’s definitely better than the alternative. At our next appointment in 2 weeks, we are going to have an ultrasound to confirm his position — yay for another picture. If he is still head down, then we have the option of trying an external version. A version is medical procedure in which a trained doctor tries to manually move the baby into a head down position. It would be done in a hospital, and I would be given meds to relax my uterus. There are some risks associated with this procedure — it could start labor resulting in an emergency c-section — so I would prefer him to turn before my 36-week check-up. If we are unsuccessful in getting him to turn, then I will have a scheduled c-section :(.

I really don’t want to have a c-section… I have always wanted to have a natural birth, and the thought of having major surgery is scary. Obviously, the most important thing is that Baby W is healthy, but I would prefer him being healthy, head down, and coming out the natural way.

More to come soon — including some belly pics!

33+ Weeks — Size of a pineapple

We are more than 33 weeks pregnant! It’s definitely hard to believe that time is moving so quickly, and now it seems to be moving even more quickly because of the holiday season. I still feel pretty good, although I am definitely feeling more belly heavy :). Sleeping is going pretty well — I wake up quite often each night (every 2 hours or so) to pee, but I have been able to get more comfortable. Thank goodness for my pregnancy pillow and tons of other pillows. The more support I have under my belly and behind my back really matters. I do tend to wake up around 4 or 4:30 each morning and have a bit of trouble getting back to sleep, but if that’s the worst thing to happen, then I am pretty lucky.

I am still suffering from heartburn… ugh! I finally caved and started taking Zantac every 12-24 hours. It has made a huge difference, and I am thankful that such a medicine is available over the counter. My doctor reassured us that Zantac is perfectly safe, which makes me feel even better about this decision.

At this point, we still have quite a bit to do before Baby W’s arrival. This week, I want to get his car seat fitted to my car. We also need to practice how to adjust it and use some of the other gadgets we received at our shower. After Christmas, we are going to move furniture around in our bedroom and put Baby W’s bassinet in the room as well as begin to prepare his nursery. I am so excited about his room, and can’t wait to pull it all together :). YAY! On the bright side, all of his clothes, blankets, and sheets are washed and sorted by size, and his diaper bag is packed and ready to go. I also packed my hospital bag earlier today, and will put it in my car just in case we need to make a fast dash to the hospital. Hubby also has to pack an overnight bag since he’ll be staying with me in the hospital. Fun, fun!

We are also finishing up our childbirth classes this week — OMG! I am a big fan of learning as much as possible about what to expect, and feel like our classes have helped a lot. We had a great newborn basics class last week, which really helped to understand baby basics. We learned everything from how to bathe, swaddle, and change a diaper to what to expect in terms of vaccinations and medical care. On Tuesday, we’ll go on the hospital tour, learn more about how to push properly, and discuss any questions we have. It’s hard to believe that it’s already our last class…

Wishing everyone a great week!

Such Sorrow :(

The events at Shady Brook Elementary School in Newtown, CT are just awful. I can’t believe and will never understand such inexplicable┬á evil. How could someone harm, let alone murder, innocent children? I have been watching the news coverage since the story broke on Friday morning, and I am still in shock. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain of the parents who lost their children, and the irreparable damage done to the innocent babies who survived… No one will ever be able to answer why this evil man went on such a rampage, and in the end, it doesn’t really matter. There will never be an explanation for something so horrific.

For now, we mourn the loss of so many beautiful, young, and innocent lives. My thoughts and prayers are with the community of Newtown. I will also continue to pray that out of this awful event comes real change to gun control and how we care for the mentally unstable.

Playing Catch-Up: Thanksgiving, Work Craziness, Childbirth Class, and Holiday Party Fun!

Hi Blog Land! We have been so busy since Thanksgiving — getting ready for the holidays, holding our annual holiday party, and Christmas shopping for family and the kids we “adopted.” Fun time!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family — our last one without Baby W! We drove to Pittsburgh — about 5 hours away — on Thanksgiving Day morning. It was a pretty easy drive with very little traffic. We did have to make a few more stops than normal, but we still made it in a good time. We checked into our hotel, got settled in, and took our pup for a walk. We then met our mom and dad for a quick lunch. After lunch, we relaxed and got ready for dinner. My hubby’s grandma always hosts Thanksgiving at her country club, which is great — lots of time with family, really good food (and, yes, we eat Turkey and all the fixings), and no one has to cook or clean! It was great to see everyone — everyone told me how great I look which made me feel really good about myself :). On Friday, we went to lunch with the family, and then we visited with some friends. We normally spend every holiday with family, but this year, since I’ll be 36+ week prego, we are spending Christmas at home. It will be strange, but is definitely a worthwhile sacrifice.

We returned home late on Friday night, and I have to say, I was thoroughly exhausted. I honestly wish I could have slept all day on Saturday, but that wasn’t in the cards. Instead, we had a few errands to run — shopping fun, lunch, Christmas tree, and decorations. By the time we got home, I was so tired that I started to decorate, then finally decided it was futile and lay down for a nap. It was one of those naps that rejuvenated every part of my mind and body. I felt great after waking up, and was able to accomplish a good deal of holiday decorating. Sunday was a bit more of the same — decorating and grocery shopping, but I was able to get a lot done to prepare for the week, which is always good.

Work has been crazy the last few weeks. We are making more changes — pretty typical at my place of employment — and these changes will have a pretty big impact of my day-to-day work. I am not in danger of losing my job, but I will definitely have a different job soon, which makes going out on maternity leave in January a little more daunting. Oh well… I am trying to not stress about it since I don’t have a lot of control over the situation. The most important thing is that I will have a job, and that I will still be able to work a from home. My commute to our NYC office is about 1.5 to 2 hours each way, and isn’t doable everyday, especially with a baby at home.

We also started our Childbirth Education classes — it’s a 4-week series that meets at our hospital. The instructor has a wealth of knowledge, and really loves working with soon-to-be parents. We learned all about the stages of labor and practiced some breathing exercises. The time went very quickly, and I was pleasantly surprised about how much I already knew — my reading and research is paying off! We also watched a video of a birth, which helped to give a good sense of the emotion of the experience. So much to look forward to :). This week, we have our second childbirth class and a breastfeeding class. I continue to fear that I am going to struggle with breastfeeding, and am hoping this class will set my┬á mind at ease…

We also had our annual Holiday Party last night. I took Friday off to finish last-minute decorating, clean the house, and grocery shop. The last few years, we’ve done a cookie exchange, but this year, I decided that a potluck would be better. Baking 300+ cookies and making all the food for the party is a little more daunting when you’re 32 weeks pregnant :). Yesterday, I woke up early, and cooked all day. Luckily, one of my dear friends came over and helped with everything — she is awesome! We made two kinds of cookies, a pumpkin chocolate gingerbread, meatballs, buffalo chicken dip, artichoke spinach dip, and a veggie lasagna — yes, we went overboard, especially since everyone was bringing a dish (or two) to the party.

The party was a lot of fun — a little smaller than normal (about 20ish people) — and a little tamer, but we still had a great time! I love spending time with our friends — we really are fortunate to have many, many wonderful people in our lives! They are loving, caring, and very supporting! By the end of the night, my feet and back were killing me, and I was so happy to go to bed! My hubby did most of the cleaning — thank goodness — which meant I woke up to a pretty clean house. YAY! We also have a good deal of leftovers, so I shouldn’t have to cook that much this week :). Double YAY!

Here’s to a great week!




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