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Growing up so fast!

We had our 6 month check-up on Monday, and Baby W is doing great! His heartbeat was a little over 140 — it sounded beautiful! He was also measuring perfectly, so we are all good to go. I am also feeling Baby W move a lot more. He has some very active kicking episodes during the day! It’s amazing to see my belly move and actually feel him kick my hand on my stomach. We go back in 3 weeks (on 11/5) for our 7 month check-up, which includes a check for gestational diabetes. I have to drink a glucose-filled red drink 15-20 minutes before I get to the office, and upon arrival will have my blood drawn to check my sugar levels. The goal of the test is to see how well my body processes the sugary drink — if my blood sugar is too high, then I will have to undergo more tests to see if I actually have gestational diabetes. I am feeling good, eating healthy, and walking regularly, so I don’t think I’ll have any issues, but who knows?!?!

Speaking of walking, I got a new treadmill, and I love it! Hubby set it up downstairs, and I have made a little desk so I am able to work and walk. My goal is to walk 4-6 miles a day (1.5 to 3 or so hours). When I hit my goal, I have a lot more energy, and I know that I am doing what’s best for Baby W. Plus, it’s pretty easy to incorporate walking into my daily routine when I can easily work and walk, and later in the evening, I can also watch a little TV while exercising! I plan to keep up this routine when Baby W gets here. As he gets older, I can put him into the carrier and walk!  🙂

We also signed up for our birthing classes. It’s a 4-week class that starts on 11/27 and ends about a month before my due date. I can’t wait to learn more about the birthing process. I also need to sign up for the breastfeeding class and the infant basics class. I love going to classes, and am really looking forward to learning as much as possible before Baby W gets here. I am sure nothing will prepare us fully for his arrival, every little bit helps!

It’s hard to believe that we are already 1/2 through October! Time just keeps flying by. We have a very crazy couple of months ahead — I think every weekend is planned through Christmas! Maybe that’s why time is moving so quickly :). Also, on another exciting note, my amazing sister-in-law — N — and my best friends are planning my baby shower for November 10th. I am thrilled! I don’t know all the details, but I know a few — it’s going to be sports’ themed, and the invites were designed by a friend (who is a graphic designed) to look like a baseball ticket! I am lucky to have so many loving and caring friends — yay!

So many happy things to look forward to in the coming weeks! I am so fortunate 🙂



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