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24 WEEKs — 6 months!!!

Hi All! We are in our 6th month :). Just typing that makes me so VERY happy! I feel great, and Baby W is growing quickly (well, at least my belly is, so I assume it’s because he is :)). One of the best parts of being 24 weeks pregnant is the pretty constant kicking that I can feel — so exciting! His kicks can now also be felt from the outside, which is just remarkable! I still suffer from annoying heartburn, but tums and ice cream do the trick! Besides that, I also have some hip pain — apparently so they can loosed allowing them to grow to accommodate Baby W’s growth.
We’ve had an exciting couple of weeks! First, my brother got married! YAY! We had such a wonderful time celebrating his marriage — it was great! He married one of the most wonderful women I know, so I am beyond thrilled for both of them. It was a tiring trip, but so worth it. We also got to visit with a lot of family, friends, and loved ones, which was a very  nice treat.

22 weeks, 4 days

Getting ready for the fun!

Next, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law are in town for a quick visit. We are having so much fun! They brought us such cute gifts for Baby W, including an adorable book (his very first one)! I am so exciting to read it to him for the first time. Yesterday, we went apple and pumpkin picking; I loved every second of the adventure! We picked just over 11 pounds of apple, and have since made homemade apple cider and a delicious apple pie. We also turned the pumpkin into a beautiful pumpkin pie with a scrumptious graham cracker crust. Yummy!


We also have a lot going on in the baby planning world. We have been interviewing doulas, and hope to have our choice narrowed down soon. I know that I want a very natural birth, and want to put myself in the best place possible to avoid pain medication and medical interventions. I know this is not everyone’s choice, but I have always wanted this. We are also beginning to dip our toes into figuring out daycare options. Since I work from home, I am leaning towards a nanny who works PT. I would prefer to have Baby W home with me for a bit, and then eventually go the more traditional day care route.

So much to do!

Hope you’re all well 🙂


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7 thoughts on “24 WEEKs — 6 months!!!

  1. So exciting! First babies are amazing.
    From experience…the best laid plans with labor & delivery can change on a dime. I wanted the same as you, as natural a birth as possible and ended up with pitocin & an epidural. That is not to say you will have the same experience! I say just keep your options open because its such an unpredictable experience.

    Believe me, the kicking gets a lot more often and more intense. LOL. Those little legs sure have power behind them! This coming from me who is 32 weeks pregnant. Wait until baby W can reach your ribs…oh the fun! =P

    • dnwible on said:

      You are 100% correct about being flexible! I am sure that it’s rare to have a birth go exactly as planned. Thanks for the advice!

  2. I would love some tips on making cider! They don’t have a drop of apple cider in Australia, and that’s one of the things I dearly miss over the holidays and when it’s Autumn over here.

    • dnwible on said:

      It’s actually pretty easy!! We used 12 apples cut into quarters (no need to remove the skin or seeds). Put into a large stock pot with 1-1 1/2 cups of brown sugar, 4 or so cinnamon sticks, some cloves and all spice as well as 1 orange cut into quarters. Cover with just enough water and bring to a boil. Let cook at a boil for one hour uncovered. Turn down to a simmer and cook for 2-3 more hours. Finally, strain through a cheese cloth or strainer.

      I definitely recommend starting with less sugar (especially if the apples are sweet). You can always add more if you want to near the end.


  3. congratulations! I think it’s important that women prepare for birth and know that it is inside all of us to be able to give birth naturally. Fear has been instilled in us in today’s society and fear is what causes ‘pain in childbirth’ which leads to a cascade of interventions. I am a first time mother-to-be @ 27wks and am exploring natural birth options and documenting my learnings on my blog to try and empower others to realise this potential. I think writing a birth plan is important, and even if things don’t go according to plan, at least you can look back at the experience and know that you were well informed.. look forward to your journey!

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