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Registering is exhausting!

Registering for Baby W was fun, but also a little overwhelming and a lot exhausting! Before our adventure began, I purchased Baby Bargains. It’s kind of like a registry bible – it reviews pretty much every brand of baby product, and helps to demystify the crazy list of things that you need when having a baby. It’s well-written and extensively reviews so many products. I’m glad that we did some research before yesterday, but I’ll admit, it was a bit overwhelming. I got hung up on making the ‘right’ decisions, which almost made me crazy when trying to decide on the ‘perfect stroller.’ I literally spent hours reading reviews and comparing prices – ugh! In the end, trying them at the store was quite helpful. We decided to go with a Graco Travel System – it comes with the top-rated car seat for safety, and the stroller is easy to fold with one hand, fits in my trunk, and isn’t too heavy. It also has some other nice features and a cute elephant design. I am sure Baby W will like it. LOL

We decided on a sports’ theme for the nursery –it’s going to be so cute! We have some painting to do, and then I can focus on decorating the room. We found really cute bedding, and I have a lot of great ideas for decor — I have found a lot of great ideas on Pinterest! So much fun!

I also finally decided on cloth diapers — the BumGenius 4.0. They are highly-rated and fit babies from 7 to 40lbs (we can use these diapers until Baby W is potty trained)! They are also an all-in-one, so there aren’t any pins or multiple pieces to worry about — it’s basically a diaper that can be washed and reused! Since, I don’t think it make much sense to buy newborn cloth diapers, we are going to use disposable for the first few weeks to allow Baby W’s belly button to heal. There are a lot of cute colors and patterns — I am so excited to use them!

Registering is all done! I am sure we added too many things to the list, but I am sure that’s somewhat normal for first-time parents.

Have a great week, everyone!


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6 thoughts on “Registering is exhausting!

  1. Shopping for babies is SO MUCH FUN!!
    Unsolicited Advice: There are a lot of products that we purchased, that I never used. I would focus on the basics (good quality products of course!) and keep the “I don’t know if I’ll use this” for after baby.

    Unless this isn’t your first. Then your well experienced and should ignore me! =)

  2. It is A LOT of FUN!!!

    We did our very best to do that, but I still feel like we put too many things on the list. I asked a friend to review it, and see if we have too much stuff on it… 🙂

  3. Ran across your blog as a result of being in a total panic about creating a registry. I’m going to check out the baby bargains book – maybe that is just what i need! So overwhelming!

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