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Girl or Boy? (One week countdown!)

I am almost 20 weeks pregnant! YAY!!! In one week, we head back to the doctor for our monthly check-up and for our in-depth ultrasound. During this scan not only do we find out the gender of Baby W (let the shopping begin!), but  we also get to make sure that everything is developing well and make sure our due date still makes sense. I am feeling really good (and really hungry), and my belly seems to be growing the right amount every week! I am also starting to feel some movement, which is amazing! Some days I feel more than others — it’s a hard feeling to explain, but it’s so amazing to feel Baby W swimming around. I can’t wait until his/her movements are stronger and I feel them more often.

The last week has been very busy! I spent Labor Day weekend in Knoxville with my mom, one of my best friends, and my soon-to-be-sister in law and her friends and family to celebrate my brother’s upcoming nuptials! The bridal shower was a lot of fun as was the bachelorette party. We got home early Monday, and I basically slept all day to recover. We decided to drive — almost 30 hours round trip — and I was exhausted. To say the least, I will be flying to the wedding in a few weeks! Work has also been a bit crazy — nothing too awful, just very busy!

Last night, my hubby surprised me with an amazing gift! We are heading to Chicago on Friday to go to a Cubs game at Wrigley Field!!! AHHHH, I am ecstatic! I love Chicago, and am a HUGE Cubs fan, but have never actually watched a game from inside the stadium. That will all change this Saturday — GO CUBBIES! We are also planning to eat dinner at a restaurant with an acclaimed chef who was just featured on (and actually beat) The Iron Chef. It’s going to be a great weekend 🙂

So, what do you think, is Baby W going to be adorned in Blue or Pink? I am leaning toward Blue, but most of my family is leaning in the other direction. Let the one week countdown begin!


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6 thoughts on “Girl or Boy? (One week countdown!)

  1. Being pregnant is such an amazing thing!
    I’m 28 weeks pregnant (with baby #2) and s/he had their legs closed during our midway ultrasound. Lets hope your babies are wide open!!

  2. I haven’t commented in a while but it is so great to see baby W grow. It will be fun to find out if baby W is a girl or a boy. Have a great time in Chicago and don’t lose your voice. 😉

  3. I’m so excited for you, sounds like you’re doing great! That movement is the best feeling! Have a great trip to Chicago!

    • Thanks, Tara!! Congratulations on your newest addition! He is beautiful ;-). I am thrilled for our trip, and very excited for Monday’s ultrasound!! Have a great weekend

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