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18 Weeks (in my 5th month!!)

18 weeks! YAY! I used my doppler a couple nights ago and again heard the beautiful heartbeat of our little Baby W. Honestly, I could listen to it everyday — I just love the fast heart thumping sound and knowing that our baby is thriving in my belly! Speaking of my belly, it’s definitely growing — I honestly didn’t think I would show this much so early. I keep telling myself that it means that Baby W is growing healthily in there, so it makes me happy!

My nausea has pretty much gone away, which is a huge relief. The biggest challenge right now is heartburn! No matter what I eat it plagues me through most of the day. I can typically deal with it, but at night, I rely on Tums to help me sleep. I am doing my best to avoid foods that trigger the pain, but honestly almost everything I eat triggers it, so it’s not that easy to just avoid food. LOL.

I am not-so-patiently waiting our 20-week appointment — it’s still over 2 weeks away! Ugh… During that appointment, we have our in-depth ultrasound and we will find out the gender of our little person. I can’t wait! The in-depth ultrasound also provides many pics of our baby, and checks its major organs to make sure they are developing correctly. It will be an exciting day! At this point, I am think our baby is a boy, but most of my family is voting girl! I guess we’ll just have to wait until 9/17 to find out 🙂

My mom came in town yesterday – yay! We are heading to my brother’s fiance’s bridal shower in TN, so we have a good amount of driving ahead of us. One of my best friends is joining us, and I know we’ll have a FABULOUS TIME! I love celebrating LOVE! I hope you all have a wonderful and very safe Labor Day Weekend!
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5 thoughts on “18 Weeks (in my 5th month!!)

  1. Congratulations! When is your due date? The 20 week U/S is so exciting. The detail you get to see is really cool!!

  2. Melissa on said:

    I love reading your updates. I’m SO happy everything is going so well. I have pretty bad heartburn too, & I’m only 12 weeks. I thought it wouldn’t hit us until we were much bigger! I’m glad your nausea is better though. Have you felt any movement yet? Aaaaahhhh! I’m just so incredibly happy for you!!!!

    • Thanks, Melissa!! It’s so exciting :-). I am also so happy for you! You are almost through your first trimester – yay!! I have suffered from heartburn since the beginning as well, but it just keeps getting worse :-(. Oh well, it’s all worth it!!

      I am beginning to feel movements – it’s so cool!! I can’t wait to feel it more often!!


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  3. Im 16 weeks on monday! I also feel like im bigger than what i should be but everyone keeps telling me im so “tiny” and i have a “little bump” which is so confusing to me. because i keep looking down wondering, “where did this beach ball come from??”

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