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I am not trying to make a political statement, but am disgusted with any politician who’s this interested in my uterus. I just don’t understand why people use the bible to diminish women’s rights, whether it be the right to take birth control or to take away our reproductive rights.

Not-So-Fertile Girl: Finally a Family

I’m not here to make a political statement to anyone. I have strong opinions based on education, information, and my values. However, politics is a touchy subject, and I don’t want to alienate anyone. 

But I can’t let this pass without sharing the information. It’s too important. It’s something I just can’t quite believe is being discussed in a real discussion in America in 2012. But it is.

Vote for who you feel is right, but please, please know who you are or are not voting for and why.

Link to Article:A Vote For Paul Ryan is a Vote Against IVF

As someone who may have to one day rely on IVF through no fault of my own other than genetics to have children, someone who wants nothing more than anything to be half of a fantastic, loving set of parents, and someone knows that so many of you…

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