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12 weeks, 2 days

This last week was intense… I have a lot going on at work currently, so had to be  in NYC from Tuesday through Friday in meetings from very early in the morning to quite late each night. After the meetings, we had team dinners, so sleep was not high on my list. It was great to see members of my team, but it was exhausting. I typically did some work upon returning to the hotel, called my hubby, and then went to bed, but the pillows weren’t comfortable, so I didn’t sleep well, and 6-7 hours of sleep is NOT nearly enough. Thankfully, when I got home on Friday afternoon, I was able to sleep for 3+ hours in my wonderful bed — it was heavenly! I also slept in quite late this morning, and am feeling much better. I am also planning to take a nap in a bit, which will help me fully recover from the sleep-deprivation of the last few days.

I am ready for Monday morning’s appointment! We have our ultrasound at 11am and then we meet with the doctor for a quick check-up. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, but I feel like it’s normal to be a little nervous and scared.  I really should have taken Monday off from work, but I didn’t, and my day is littered with important meetings that I must attend. It’s going to be hard to be productive until my appointment is over!  

I am feeling pretty good — still tired, although I have more energy than I did a few weeks ago. I also have awful heartburn and some nausea as well as dizziness. I really struggled with dizziness when I was in NYC — I think the heat, the flourescent lights, and the lack of sleep made it much worse.

Have a great weekend!


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