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10 and 1/2 Weeks!

10+ weeks pregnant and feeling pretty good :). I am still very tired and have plenty of nausea, but these are all good signs! I have been trying to get plenty of sleep — I go to bed early and nap every afternoon, which kind of helps. I haven’t been sleeping very well because I keep have very clear and crazy dreams and I have also have to get up 2-4 times a night to pee. I am also super thirsty all the time, so am constantly chugging water and/or watered-down lemonade. Thankfully the nausea tends to come and go. It’s also pretty easy to overcome since I feel better when I eat, sleep, and/or drink.

My body is also going through plenty of changes. My tummy is starting to grow, and my pants no longer fit comfortably. I am planning to buy a few pieces of maternity clothes soon so I have something comfy to wear. I have found a few things at Target and Old Navy, and may check out a couple of maternity stores next week. I have to be in NYC the week of the 16th for work, so I have to buy a couple work outfits as well.

It’s also unbelievably hot and humid here this week. I definitely don’t handle the heat well right now — after a few minutes outside, I start to feel dizzy and tired, so I just avoid going outside for a very long time. Thankfully, my hubby has been carrying the burden of outside work and helping around the house.

We don’t have any doctor’s appointments this or next week — first doctor-free weeks in months — so I am just going to relax and enjoy my pregnancy!


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