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Gearing up for tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my first OB appointment with a Dr other than my RE. I am excited and nervous — excited because it is a new phase in my pregnancy, and nervous because I have to get comfortable with a new set of nurses and doctors. I really hope they are nice and understanding. I absolutely adore my RE’s office — every person that works there is compassionate and empathetic! I am, of course, labeled high-risk, which means more appointments and special instructions, which I will ask about tomorrow.

Unlike visits to my RE, which are always at our convenience from 7-9:15 in the morning, I am scheduled for 3pm. First, I have to meet with a nurse for blood work, weight check, and history. It will be more stressful to wait all day, and then meet with a nurse for 30 minutes before we see the doctor for an ultrasound. I definitely feel like everything is okay, but I still get nervous before each exam. I guess it’s normal — especially considering my history — but I would like to just enjoy each appointment, which I can’t really do until I know that Baby W is growing perfectly.

Praying for more good news!

Baby dust to all!



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