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Get the Cap and Gown Ready!

Party time! We had a great ultrasound at the doctor this morning — Baby W is measuring perfectly and has a very strong heartbeat of 160 BPM!! The doctor said that our baby looks perfect and discharged me to our OB. I am so relieved and happy as I have been waiting for this day for a very long time. My dr and all the nurses gave me big hugs and wished us good luck — I am so fortunate to have such a caring group of people!

Cap and Gown Time! Our first Ob appointment is next week on Tuesday, July 3rd. YIPPEE!!


Baby W is growing up so fast!

Love, love, love!


The Infertility Gauntlet

As a kid, my brother and I would always watch American Gladiators. We loved the competition and the excitement of it. Basically there were 2 sets of competitors — 2 women and 2 men — and they competed against super fit and strong gladiators in a series of crazy athletic events. At the end of the competition, the competitors would compete against each other in an intense obstacle course while the gladiators throw additional obstacles in their way. Oddly enough, this is what I think of when I think of my fertility journey.

Infertility is a constant battle, and oftentimes against a fierce gladiator-like competitor. The competition is all-consuming, and definitely not for the faint-hearted. There are many twists and turns and ups and downs over which you have no control. From the first appointment, you enter a foreign world with many unknowns and often many obstacles.  First, there are the meds — from the basic Clomid to the more extreme IVF meds, they all have side effects and make you very hormonal — think major PMS emotions all the time. Second, there are the many doctor’s appointments, transvagingal ultrasounds, and tests. Your body literally becomes a science experiment as the doctors try to figure out what is working and what needs to change to make the treatment work. Third, the treatment doesn’t always work, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can do everything to prepare your body for pregnancy, but sometimes it just doesn’t work. Finally, even when the treatment does work, it’s really just the beginning of a whole new obstacle course.

As you know, we have had many challenges in our journey. Getting pregnant was easy, but staying pregnant was not. I am pregnant for the 5th time, and I pray all the time that this pregnancy is healthy. Every week is a new obstacle — first the 2ww, then the beta tests, and then a series of ultrasounds — to make sure the Baby W is strong and healthy. This Tuesday, we go for our 9 week scan — our final appointment with our RE — and I am confident that we will get good news. We’ve been here before — our last pregnancy ended at this point due to a chromosomal abnormality — but I feel very differently now. My symptoms are more intense and I feel more pregnant that I have had in the past.

Hoping and praying for more good news, and 31 more weeks of health and happiness.
Baby dust to all!




7 weeks, 5 days — Baby W is Great!

7 Weeks, 5 Days

Baby Wible is Perfectly Healthy!

Baby W is doing perfectly well! S/he has a very strong heartbeat and is growing perfectly — actually measuring a little ahead, which the doctor said is great! There is a very defined yolk sac, which is also fantastic :). We go back to our IVF clinic for one last u/s next week and then will “graduate” to my OB-GYN; I am going to call today to make our first appointment. HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! Baby dust to all!

6 weeks, 5 days — Baby W is Perfect!

We had another successful ultrasound this morning! Our baby is measuring 6 weeks, 5 days and is growing perfectly — yay! It also had a very strong heartbeat between 130 and 140 beats per minute, which is also perfect for a 6 week, 5 day old embryo! I just love happy news :). I also get to reduce my progesterone from 1cc to .5 ccs so I can slowly begin to wean myself off of it. Finally, based on my dates and the size of our little growing baby, our due date is January 31st, which is super lucky because my hubby, his brother, and his sister are all born in January 🙂


6 Weeks, 5 Days

Beatiful Baby W!

Ultrasound Tomorrow

Tomorrow is our weekly ultrasound, and I really hope that Baby Wible is growing perfectly well! I have been resting a lot this week — I am so tired that I can sleep anywhere and at any time. I am also nauseous most of the day, but thankfully haven’t been throwing up. I still feel hungover in the mornings, but have found that drinking ice cold coconut water helps to relieve the symptoms. Thankfully, I have a wonderful hubby who has been helping around the house, making me dinner, and taking care of our dog — I don’t know what I’d do without him!

Thinking happy thoughts for our ultrasound tomorrow morning!

Half Way There!

I am 6 weeks and 1 day pregnant today — doesn’t seem possible that it’s been six weeks since my egg retrieval. I am half way through my first trimester — can you believe it?!?!?!   I guess time flies when you’re focusing on getting and, now staying, pregnant! I am feeling very positive about this beautiful Baby, and am looking forward to Tuesday’s ultrasound so we can see another picture of our precious little one. As for pregnancy symptoms, I am super tired all the time and love taking afternoon naps; I am very sensitive to smells and food actually tastes differently — spicy food is more spicy and some foods don’t taste good at all; I have crazy dreams; and, I have to pee all the time. I wake up every morning feeling hung over, have terrible indigestion (thank god for TUMS!), and also feel nauseous quite often, especially if I am over-hungry and/or over-tired, but am not throwing up (thank goodness).

I love having pregnancy symptoms — it makes everything feel more real. The only annoying thing is that I am constantly comparing my pregnancy symptoms to what they were like the day before. I want them to keep getting worse because I think that will mean that my pregnancy is healthier. I don’t know if this is crazy, but it makes sense to me :).

And, now I am off to take a nap.

Baby dust to all!



Saw this and it made me smile 🙂

IVF Baby

Meet Baby W!

5 weeks, 5 days

Baby W is doing great!

We had a wonderful appointment this morning — Baby W is measuring perfectly at 5 weeks and 5 days! We saw the yolk sac, fetal pole, and even a beautiful flickering heartbeat!!! I am so happy that I can barely contain my excitement! 🙂 We go back next Tuesday for another ultrasound — yay! The dr also said that my ovaries are still quite swollen and that I have some fluid in my abdomen. She recommended that I take it easy and continue to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Waiting for Tuesday

Whew! I had a VERY busy weekend! It was my college reunion weekend so there was a lot of visiting with people who I haven’t seen in years. It was nice catching up, but it was a bit exhausting. On Sunday, we had our annual dragon boat fundraising event. I wasn’t actually in the boat this year, but helped as a coach/captain instead. It was a very, very long day, but it was a lot of fun and our team came in 3rd place!

My body is definitely not shy about letting me know when it’s tired, which is basically all the time. I have been napping for 1-2 hours every day, and have been trying to get at least 8-9 hours of sleep every night. I am drinking a ton of water, and have to pee constantly, which definitely doesn’t help with getting uninterrupted rest. As long as I eat and get plenty of rest, the nausea stays away (yay!), but I have a feeling it will get worse as I get further into my pregnancy. My back is achy and my breasts are at least a full cup size bigger and very sore. This may all sound awful, but I love every pregnancy symptom! It means that my baby(ies) are growing and healthy!

Tomorrow is our first ultrasound and I am really looking forward to it! I want to know if we have one or two little ones, as well as how they are growing! If everything goes well tomorrow — which it will — we will go in every week to make sure my pregnancy is progressing normally. Lots of happy thoughts and prayers for a great day tomorrow as well as many, many more weeks of good news!

Baby dust to all!

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