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Prayers Please

I had my 3rd beta yesterday and the number was a little over 800, which means that my hormones basically doubled in 72 hours. My RE was a little concerned — he would like to see the numbers double in closer to 48 hours this early in the pregnancy. I have to go back again tomorrow for a 4th beta test, and hopefully the numbers will close to double in this 48 hour time frame. Either way, we go in early next week for my ultrasound. I am trying to stay positive — almost everything I have read says doubling between 48-72 hours is fine — but the doubt is creeping in. If doubling in 72 hours was okay then why would my Dr be concerned?

I wish I could do more to encourage my embryos to grow healthily, but I have done and am still doing everything that  I can to encourage a healthy pregnancy. I will keep thinking positive thoughts, saying prayers, and staying hopeful that tomorrow will be a good day in this journey.


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8 thoughts on “Prayers Please

  1. Elise on said:

    He’s probably just concerned because he wants this for you as badly as you do. It’s not perfect, but it’s still increasing. This will work. Have faith! Love you!

  2. Melissa on said:

    Lots of prayers & love coming your way. Come on little embryo- Grow Grow Grow!!!

  3. Prayers you asked for and prayers you shall have. I will be wishing you the best luck possible and my fingers will be crossed as well!

  4. Tamara on said:

    This is the reason I hate betas. I went through something similar where the 1st number was great, then it slowed down and I was TERRIFIED. So glad your baby is hanging in there 🙂

  5. Thanks! So glad to see your little girl is growing perfectly!

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