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Beta doubled!

Went for early-morning blood work – fun way to start the weekend (add sarcasm as needed). The only good thing about weekend blood work is that the doctor calls earlier, so I don’t have to stress and worry that something is wrong for as long. Happily, my beta levels are ‘great’ – well over 400 – basically doubling over the last two days. I go back on Tuesday morning for my final beta test before our first ultrasound. Grow, baby, grow!!

I am starting to feel some queasiness as well as being very tired in the afternoon. The OHSS symptoms have relented a little bit – the high sodium diet is definitely helping to pull fluid back into my blood vessels. I am still sore and bloated, but I can walk a little bit easier. We’ll see how I’m feeling tonight – the symptoms are always worse in the evening. I had some trouble sleeping last night because of my swollen ovaries, but I will take a nice nap this afternoon to make up for it.

We have a fun night planned with friends — we will mostly be sitting, so I shouldn’t be too uncomfortable. Tomorrow, we are heading to a little resort town to meet up with my wonderful in-laws for some relaxation and good food. It will be nice to get away and spend time with family. I am truly blessed to have one of the best families ever – they provide so much love and support! I honestly don’t know if I would be able to be strong and get through this without them.

Baby dust to all!


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2 thoughts on “Beta doubled!

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  2. ahandley85 on said:

    Is it high enough for twins!?!?

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