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Catching up — quotes, annoyances, and me

DAY 18:  What is your favorite infertility-related quote?  It doesn’t have to be explicitly related to infertility, but one that means something to your personal journey.
Carpe Diem — Although this saying isn’t directly related to infertility, it helps me to get through this struggle. This journey has taught me to live in the moment, appreciate and learn from the past, and be hopeful about the future. To do this, I have to live for each day and seize opportunities as they happen.

DAY 19:  List 5 pet peeves.
1. Swearing – I think it makes people sound ignorant.
2. Racism – I am shocked that people still judge others by their skin color. It’s awful and wrong!
3. When my house is dirty — I like to have everything clean and ordered. I make my bed daily, wash my sheets weekly, only use my towels twice before washing them, and always clean my kitchen before going to bed.
4. Being late – I hate when people are late and when I am running late.
5. Lying — It’s just easier to tell the truth

DAY 20:  Were you a product of infertility?
Nope. My parents weren’t actually trying, but ended up having twins — me and my wonderful brother!


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