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Today’s transfer was a roaring success. We met with our embryologist first and she showed us the picture of our 2 very healthy blastocysts. We have a few other embryos that are doing okay, but she wants to let them grow for another day before possibly freezing them. Although I’d love to have a few embryos to freeze for the future, the most important thing is that we had 2 very healthy blastocysts to transfer today. Yay!

After meeting with the embryologist, I took my Valium, changed clothes, and then we went to the prep room. The nurse took my blood and explained the procedure. It only took a few minutes, and then I was ready to go. My acupuncturist came back and did points to increase blood flow to my uterus. After about 30 minutes, it was our turn for the transfer. My acupuncturist removed the points and we went back to the OR. I got situated on the table, the table was tilted with my head beneath my feet, and the Dr did a practice transfer. Once he was ready to go, he asked the embryologist to bring in my blastocysts for the transfer. The transfer only took a few minutes and didn’t hurt at all.

Post transfer, I was moved to the recovery room to relax for my second acupuncture treatment. I laid in the recovery room for another 45 minutes or so, then changed clothes, and we headed home. The nurse directed me to do nothing when we got home – I am only allowed to get up to eat and use the restroom – so hubby is taking care of me :-). I was exhausted when we got home – the Valium knocked me out – so slept for a few hours and am now watching TV.

In addition to doing nothing today, I have to take it easy for the next two weeks – no lifting and no exercise! I go back Friday for blood work to check my estrogen and progesterone and have my pregnancy test next Thursday! I can’t wait to get my positive result 🙂

Baby dust to all!


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6 thoughts on “Success!

  1. So exciting! What a day, and you get to take the beta test next Thursday. That’s not that far in the distance. Enjoy the rest. Watch lots of TV and read. Be good to yourself.

  2. Melissa on said:

    I’m so glad everything went so smoothly. Isn’t it funny how in some ways the hard part is over, but in other ways it has just begun? Waiting is sooo hard, but it is a good time to just rest & let your body & spirit recover from the busy past couple of weeks. Is your acupuncturist affiliated with your RE? I’m so jealous that you got to get pre & post transfer treatments on site! My RE office wouldn’t let mine come to the office, so my husband had to drive me to the acupuncturist afterwards. They got all weird about liabilities & malpractice insurance, etc. That is really awesome that you got to have it right then & there!

    • Yes – I feel like we have done so much, but yet the hard part just got here! Thankfully, we only have to wait until next Thursday! I feel really good about everything and can’t wait to get good news 🙂

      My acupuncturist does work with my dr. I am pretty sure the practice works with a couple acupuncturists, which is nice since everything can be done in the office. It definitely helped me to relax today.

  3. Good luck!!!!!!!!! 😀

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