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Day 42 — Superstitious

Stay Positive

Happy Thoughts!

Today’s intention is to visualize a successful pregnancy!

Do you ever laugh at your own interesting silliness? I have always been superstitious. I think it’s because I grew up playing sports. I had lucky socks, played for a team that didn’t wash our uniforms during tournaments because it was bad luck (we had a few different uniforms, but it was still gross), and even had pre-game and in-game rituals that I followed religiously. Even to this day, I have certain superstitions that I just can’t seem to let go. For example, I am a little obsessed with the number 8. Growing up, I wore 8 (or some combination of numbers that would add or multiply to 8) on all my sports teams. For softball and track, I was 8 or 88 and for basketball, I wore 42 (4×2 =8) or 44 (4+4 = 8). Even now, when I play in adult leagues, I am always #8. So, it’s only natural, that during my fertility journey I would continue with my superstitious ways. Thankfully, my body seems to be cooperating. At the doctor this morning, I was in my usual ultrasound position, and much to my surprise, the doctor found another follicle in my left ovary. So, now, each ovary has 8 happy follicles for a total of 16! I was thrilled when I realized that each ovary had 8 eggs — it was as if the universe was saying to me — don’t worry, everything is going to be alright! I don’t know how to explain it, but it just helped me to feel better! 

I am grateful for 8 happy eggs in each ovary; a beautiful, sunny day; my brother’s fiance; my wonderful hubby; great friends; my health; IVF; and great doctors and nurses!

I love and accept myself!



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2 thoughts on “Day 42 — Superstitious

  1. Melissa on said:

    Hahaha that is so cool! Definitely a good sign! 8 follicles on each ovary- you must feel like you are about to bust! Take it easy, don’t do anything strenuous. I know you know that, I’m just excited for you. I remember that day after my retrieval I took a nice, long walk with my dogs. I felt so relieved to know that the precious cargo I had been growing had finally been delivered & was safe in the lab for a few days.

    • THANK YOU!! Yes, I definitely like I am going to burst. Walking isn’t too comfortable at the moment, so I promise to take it easy. A nice long walk with my pup sounds like just the release I will need after the retrieval 🙂 — she will be very happy about it, too! Hugs

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