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Day 41 — Grow, Follicles, Grow

Woo! Another successful appointment at my RE’s office this morning. Dr. Y found 15 follicles measuring between 11 and 15 and estimated that the retrieval will take place late this week. She also mentioned that I was progressing right on track — music to my ears! The plan is to continue the same dosages of medicine tonight and go back for more blood work and ultrasound tomorrow morning. I am thrilled with my progress so far and know that this is going to be a great week :). I am also happy to report that I feel pretty good. I am still very tired and I can definitely feel my ovaries, but I am doing my best to take it easy and to take care of myself. I can’t imagine trying to work out with such “heavy” ovaries, so I’ll stick to my walking, light yoga, and breathing exercises for now.

DAY 12:  If you are not yet a parent: What are you MOST looking forward to about parenthood?
I am looking forward to almost everything! I can’t wait to hold my little angel, sing him/her to sleep, go for walks, breastfeed, take pictures, take naps, watch hubby be a wonderful daddy, hear their first word, see their first step, etc, etc, etc. I also can’t wait to change diapers, get up in the middle of the night, and be sleep-deprived. The only thing that I am not looking forward to is when s/he is sick because I will hate not being able to make them all better…

I am grateful for sunshine; amazing and supportive friends; wonderful family; my awesome hubby; my sweet Kahli; my health; IVF; and, Spring!

I love and accept myself!


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2 thoughts on “Day 41 — Grow, Follicles, Grow

  1. Melissa on said:

    That’s awesome!!! What cycle day are you on now, beginning with when you started the meds? You are going to be such a wonderful mother 🙂

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