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Day 37: Estrogen-filled

Today’s intention is to be positive!

Today, I feel estrogen-filled. I feel bloated and crampy, and am expecting good news from the doctor about my estradiol levels. Estradiol, or E2, basically indicates how my ovaries are reacting to the meds — the higher the number, the more follicles. It’s an interesting balance, however, because the doctors don’t want my E2 level to rise too quickly since that could indicate over-stimulation and/or poor egg quality. This whole journey reminds me of the story of the 3 Bears — we want the numbers to be just right to indicate that enough of eggs are cooking at the correct rate for the best quality embryos and a healthy pregnancy. I also feel a bit like a human petri dish as the doctor’s try to figure out what quantity of medicine will produce the best results. 

On Monday, my E2 level was 62, which means that my ovaries weren’t ripening enough follicles, hence the increase in Gonal-F. Since the increase in meds, I definitely feel differently, and hope it means that the meds are working. I am more tired, feel much more going on in my lower abdomen, and feel more tenderness in my breasts — I almost feel pregnant. I am also more tender at and around the injection site, especially around the one from last night. I was actually worried that I did the injection incorrectly because it stung and was very tender, but I checked with the nurse this morning, she said it was normal. This morning was another blood test to check my E2 levels. Fingers and toes are crossed that my levels are increasing at the correct rate, so I can finally have an ultra-sound to see what is going on down there.

Will update soon with the results — GROW, follicles, GROW!

I am grateful for excellent doctors and supportive nurses; egg-cooker meds; IVF; my health; an amazing support network of family and friends; and, my lovely hubby!

I love and accept myself!


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