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Day 36 – Headache :-(

Today’s intention is to take care of me!

Today, I have another awful headache and just feel sorta blah. I would really like to lay down for the afternoon, but I have too much work to get done this week to even think about that. I will do my best tonight to get to bed early to make sure I get plenty of sleep. I am sure the weather is to blame a little bit — it’s overcast and yucky out — but I think a lot of it is due to the meds. Due to the doctor’s orders, I increased my Gonal-F to 375 ccs last night, and will use the same dosage tonight. To mix things up a bit, I had to do my injection in my car before going into the baseball game last night. I mixed the drugs and did the injection without too much of an issue, but it was definitely more stressful than doing everything at home. I will try to be at home for future injections :).

I am anxious for tomorrow’s hormone check — I want everything to be at the right level, so we can have a better idea of when our retrieval will take place. I am also hoping for an ultrasound — never thought I’d hope for that — because I want to see how many follicles are growing and how big they are. I want to have at least 12-14 eggs, so we have the best chance possible in creating a very healthy embryo for the transfer. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see — patience is a virtue in the fertility world.

I am grateful for fun experiences with friends — baseball games and mudruns; my wonderful hubby; my cuddly Kahli-bear; working from home; my health; IVF; great doctors and nurses; and, my wonderful family!

DAY 6:  Talk about how you chose your RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist).
I called my OBGYN for a referral, and she suggested a doctor’s office, but it was too far away and didn’t accept our insurance. I, then, went to my insurance providers website and searched for an office that was nearby and accepted our insurance. Once I had that list, I did some research of each office. We are lucky because there are a lot of options very close to us. I chose the office that had a lot of experience, a lot of locations, flexible hours, and great recommendations.

I love and accept myself!


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