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Update from Blood Work

Just spoke to my doctor, and she said that my hormones still have room to increase, so she is increasing my Gonal-F dosage to 375 for tonight and tomorrow. I will go back on Wednesday for more blood work. I am not thrilled about increasing my meds, but will of course be happy on Wednesday when it has a positive impact on my hormones and the number of follicles produced.

Grow, follicles, grow!


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2 thoughts on “Update from Blood Work

  1. I know we’re all different, but I was on 375 of follistim. It’ll get those ovaries working and your body ready to release many, many, many eggs. Don’t look at the increase as a bad thing. As for the headache, are you drinking enough water? You’re body is working hard and just make sure you’re hydrated. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for the support! I feel much better about the increase now, and know that it’s for the best! Grow, follicles, grow!!! I think I am drinking enough water, but you are right, my body is working major OT right now, so I will increase my water consumption — it won’t hurt anything, so why not?!?! Have a great day 🙂

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