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Day 33 – Crampy

Today’s intention is to relax!

Today, I have pretty awful cramps. I got a good amount sleep and ate an iron-filled breakfast, so am hoping to feel better soon. I can’t take medicine right now due to the impending injections, so I will just use heat and take it easy. I am surprised that my period is this heavy considering I just had my period 2 weeks ago. I am hoping it means that my body is ready for IVF. Cramps always make me a little short-tempered, so I will do my best to not stress about anything.

On to the fun stuff, we are visiting my twin brother and his fiancĂ© and two of my best friends are also here. They are running a mudrun today, and I am here to cheer them on and take pictures. I wish I could compete with them, but I will have to wait until next year for that opportunity. After the run, we will be celebrating my BFs birthday- I can’t wait!

On the bright side, all this fun is a great distraction from injection night. I feel ready – I brought plenty of medication with me as well as extra needles. I have read through the injection directions a few times and feel confident that I will get it right. More to come tonight!

I am grateful for a very fun weekend with many of my favorite people; my loving hubby; my Kahli-bear; IVF; my fabulous parents – both sets; and, my health!

Day 3 – What’s in your handbag?
I don’t carry a purse very often, but when I do, it has my wallet, iPhone, work phone, lip gloss or Chapstick, a small mirror, and a pen and paper.

I love and accept myself!


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