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Day 32 – Emotional

Today’s intention is to enjoy the beauty and sunshine!

Today, I feel emotional, not in the I am going to cry at any second way, but in the I feel so many emotions way. I feel like time has literally flown by – we will be starting IVF injections tomorrow night! I am thrilled that we are beginning, and terrified that it might not work. I am happy that my body is cooperating so far, and hopeful that it will continue to agree with the meds. I am still mourning our past pregnancy losses, and frightened that we will have another one. I am doing best to feel what I feel. I must allow myself to ride this emotional roller coaster – pretending that I always feel happy and positive isn’t a true representation of what’s going on in my head. Through all of this, I still know that we will have a baby, and I continue to pray that it will be this cycle. I envision my growing belly, feeling my precious miracle moving, giving birth, and being new parents. These days are so close, and i am sure the time will fly, just like the time waiting to begin IVF.

I am grateful for my hubby; my amazing friends who continue to support and love me no matter what; my fabulous family; my great doctors; my health; IVF beginning tomorrow; and a wonderful weekend trip with friends and family!

Day 2 – how did you and your partner decided when you were ready to start trying to conceive?
I’ve always wanted to be a mom, so made sure to discuss this with my husband before we were married. We both want to have children, so we discussed how many and when we’d like to start trying. Our plan was to wait about a year and start trying, but we actually waited about 6 months to start trying.

I love and accept myself!


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