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Day 30 — So many meds?!?!?!

Today is my last day of birth control pills — yay! I am a bundle of mixed emotions — happy, scared, anxious, nervous, overwhelmed, and excited (to name a few)–  and can hardly believe that we are starting this cycle! The most overwhelming part currently is the medications. Starting on Saturday, I will have a nightly injection of Menopur mixed with Gonal-F. The purpose of these meds is to stimulate my ovaries into making multiple eggs — the more eggs, the better. The doctor will continuously check my hormone levels and my ovaries via ultrasound to see how many eggs are developing. Based on this information, s/he will adjust my dosages. My first egg check is Monday morning, so I could have a new medicine protocol very early in my cycle.

The second injection will begin mid-week. Since I am doing what’s called an antagonist cycle, I will begin a second medication to keep my estrogen levels from increasing too quickly while my eggs continue to mature. It’s very important to keep my estrogen levels at bay since, if they get too high, I will ovulate prematurely, and the cycle will ruined. Once I begin the antagonist injections, I will go to the doctor daily for hormone checks and ultrasounds.

The third injection is the HCG trigger shot. This one is super important because it’s the final shot in the egg maturation process. I will take a high dose of HCG, which will force my body to super-ovulate all the maturing eggs at the same time. This injection will be perfectly timed so that our egg retrieval takes places exactly 36-hours later. Amazing!

The final injection is progesterone. I will begin these injections the day of my retrieval. Progesterone is key to pregnancy success — it’s basically the hormone that sustains early pregnancy. Hubby will give me these injections in my lower back, and I am a little nervous about him having to inject me. According to anecdotal evidence, this injection causes the most pain because it’s done inside the muscle. There is also a chance that he could a blood vessel — not that big of a deal, but it means that you have to start the injection over from scratch.

Other than the injections, I will go under sedation for the retrieval and will take Valium the day of the transfer to help my uterus relax. I will also take an antibiotic starting on retrieval day to fight infection and additional estrogen to help thicken my uterine lining. SO MANY DRUGS!

I am not nervous about the actual injections  — it’s easy and doesn’t hurt — but the drug mixing, that’s another story. I am so worried that I will screw it up. For the first injection, I have to mix the correct amount of Menopur and Gonal-f to create one injection. I think it would be easier to just take them as two injections, but that’s not an option. The meds come in powder form and must be reconstituted with saline. To do this, I have to use different needles and have to be careful to not contaminate the meds. I have detailed instructions and we went through a thorough instructional session with the head nurse, but it’s all a little overwhelming. I am sure that after Saturday night, I will be a pro!

I am grateful for great friends; a wonderful family; insurance; my loving hubby; Spring weather; sunshine; my puggle; and my health!

I love and accept myself!


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2 thoughts on “Day 30 — So many meds?!?!?!

  1. This may sound totally weird, but we loved all the injections and the schedule. It was like a training plan for making a baby and the one major part of the process we could control. You will become a master at mixing and your hubby will be a master injector. Never, ever reference the scene from Pulp Fiction where the guy says — Do I stab her three times? Well, mention it and then laugh. That’s what we did. Honestly, those injections really sealed me and my husband together. He started every injection with, “I Love You,” and got cut bandaids to boot. So, get thee to a Target, get some fun bandaids, and have fun (if you can say that!). And I love how you sign so many of your posts. Going to steal that, too.

  2. Thank you for sharing! I never thought of the injections this way, and I love it!! I do love having control over something, and am going to change my thinking to be more positive! Yay 🙂

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