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One step closer to baby!

We are officially one step closer to our baby — yay! We had our BIG IVF consult with our doctor, the head nurse, and the insurance consultant. First, we met with our RE to discuss the procedure and sign a ton of consent forms — never thought I’d have to consider what I’d do with our embryos if we were found to be mentally incompetent… The RE also explained the purpose of the different medicines, what to expect during the cycle, and answered our questions. Next, we went into one of the exam rooms for the sample transfer and sonohysterogram. For these, my bladder had to be full, so I was ready to have them over ASAP! I assumed the position, the speculum went in and before I knew it, the sample transfer was done — the goal of this procedure is to measure the depth of your uterus. On “real” transfer day, they will insert the embryos 1 cm from the top of my uterus so they can find their happy home in my uterine wall. Next, came the sonohysterogram. My RE injected water into my uterus to get a few high-quality pictures of my uterine wall to check for any abnormalities. Thankfully, there were none — I have a perfect uterus for baby growth! The procedures were over pretty quickly and weren’t too painful. I have had some cramping and a little bit of uncomforableness, but nothing that I can’t handle.

From there, we met with our insurance consultant. IVF with ICSI has been approved by our insurance, so (thankfully) we only pay our $25 co-pay for each visit. We also have a co-pay for the medications — each medication requires that we pay our co-pay. As anyone who reads my blog knows, dealing with our insurance company has been a nightmare. We ran into another snafu today with their pharmacy. The head nurse requested our meds last Wednesday, and I still haven’t heard from the pharmacy. We called today and they are still waiting for approval. GRRRR! We explained that I need the meds by Friday because I begin injections on Saturday, and the rep promised she would put a rush on the request. I don’t understand how my meds haven’t been approved when my IVF was approved on 4/11. ANNOYED! On the bright side, I can always “borrow” the meds from my RE’s office if they don’t arrive on time.

Our final stop was with the head nurse. She reviewed the schedule with us and gave us an injection lesson. The most daunting part is the mixing of the medications; I am fine with injecting myself. Hubby will have to help with my injections after the retrieval because the progesterone shot is done in my back right above my rear end. I am sure he will do fine, although he seemed a little nervous.

Here’s our tentative schedule:
Tomorrow, 4/24 — take my final BC pill
Friday, 4/27 — back to RE for BW and U/S
Saturday, 4/28 — Start once-a-day injections of Menopur (2 vials) and Gonal-F (300 units) — these drugs help my body to mature multiple eggs. The nurse referred to them as “egg cookers.”
Sunday, 4/29 — Injection
Monday, 4/30 — back to RE for BW and U/S — dr will call with medication instructions, but injections will continue through this week. The Dr will adjust the medications based on how I am responding to the “egg cookers”
Tuesday, 5/1 — Injection
Wednesday, 5/2 —
back to RE for BW and U/S — dr will let us know when to begin the antagonist. The antagonist helps to reduce the estrogen in my system so I don’t ovulate too soon, so I will be taking 2 injections at this point — the Menopur + Gonal-F and the antagonist
Thursday through HCG injection day — daily visits at the RE for BW and U/S; on HCG-day (which triggers the eggs to mature at the same time) stop all other injections.
Week of 5/7/12 — 36-hours after HCG shot, the RE will retrieve the eggs. Retrieval day will fall during this week; begin progesterone injections
3 to 5-days after Retrieval will be the transfer!
2 Weeks Later = Positive Pregnancy Test 🙂
9ish months later = Beautiful healthy baby!

So, that’s it! Our path to a healthy baby. It’s so close, I can just feel it! Happy thoughts to all 🙂


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8 thoughts on “One step closer to baby!

  1. That is such a blessing that your insurance pays for your IVF and ICSI. Unfortunatly, most states here are not required to cover IVF. Our insurance covers all infertility treatments with the exception of IVF and related procedures (ICSI, TESA, etc.)….how funny? Well not really “funny”, but odd. My husband and I are trusting the Lord to provide the $17,000 for our first cycle. I have followed your journey over the last month or so, and I am so excited for you! Don’t be too afraid to be detailed…I want to know what I have to expect!

    • We are very lucky! We live in NJ and there is a state-mandate for fertility coverage. Every state should have such a mandate! I promise to be super detailed throughout this journey, and if you have any questions, please ask! All my best to you and your hubby — I hope the 17k comes your way quickly!

      • Yes, I agree that every state should mandate it! I will be making a list of questions for you! Not really, but I probably will have lots once your cycle starts! Thanks for the best wishes. We are hoping to start our cycle in December. 🙂

  2. Yeah!!! Feels so good to have a plan and dates on the calendar. What a blessing to have insurance that covers IVF!!! Our next step is IVF and it will be out of pocket. Best wishes to you!

  3. Elise on said:

    What is the progesterone for? I’m so excited for you!!! We are praying and cheering you guys on!

    • Thanks, sis! Progesterone is the hormone that sustains pregnancy. Since my body will be on hormone-overload, they will supplement me with progesterone to make sure I stay pregnant 🙂 WOO!

  4. So exciting! Congratulations! Wishing you the best of luck. 🙂

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