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Day 27 – Loved :-)

Today’s intention is to smile!

Today, I feel very loved! I always feel loved and supported, but this week — especially yesterday — added even more to this feeling. First, my wonderful hubby ran to the grocery store for me to pick up more almond butter — it’s my new favorite food, and I had just run out. He went above and beyond by bringing home 3 different varieties, one of which has dark chocolate in it. It tastes like nutella, but is much healthier — it only has 7 grams of sugar in it! Can you tell that I’m excited?!?! In addition to my many almond butters, he surprised with some very happy sunflowers! YAY! I love sunflowers — they are a wonderful symbol of summer and always make me smile. They are sitting in a vase next to my work area as a simple reminder of love and happiness. I also had a wonderful conversation with my sister-in-law, received a loving email from my London sister-in-law, and had multiple text and skype conversations with best friends and family members that helped to calm my nerves. It’s amazing how much the little things make such a big difference, so thank you for the continued love, support, and positivity — it means so much to me!

I am thankful for the little things; happy emails; impromptu phone conversations; encouraging texts; my wonderful hubby; my awesome family; my little puggle, Kahli; my health; and IVF.

I love and acccept myself!


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