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Day 23 — Productive!

Today’s intention is to visualize myself pregnant with a healthy baby.

Today, I feel productive! I was super busy from the moment I woke up yesterday to the time I fell asleep. I cleaned the entire house, did 4 loads of laundry, ran to the grocery stores (1 is never enough), and got a great workout in. I also ate very healthy and feel great. I weighed myself this morning, and my weight looks great — thanks Perfect 10 Diet. I am on track to hit my target weight before we start IVF — go me! I added some grains back into my diet, but have continued to avoid refined sugar, caffeine, and, for the most part, gluten. I also have to schedule an appointment with my accupuncturist this week so we can get my body ready for IVF. I also want to discuss the protocol with her leading up to the retrieval and after the transfer. A lot of research supports accupuncture and shows that it helps increase IVF success rates. It also helps with stress, which is important during all of this.

Tonight, hubby and I have to go through all the documents and consent forms in preparation for our IVF consult next week. There are so many things to think about before we start the cycle, and the consent forms force you to have those conversations — conversations that I wouldn’t even know to have unless the forms were included in the pre-cycle packet. Fun, fun!

I am grateful for my health; great doctors; IVF; my loving hubby; my wonderful family and friends; Spring weather; and, my puggle, Kahli.

I love and accept myself!


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One thought on “Day 23 — Productive!

  1. So excited for you! I’m just getting back to the weight I was before my trip, but I’m so thankful for the perfect 10! Such a great diet.

    I hope your IVF experience is wonderful and that you get your bfp quickly. 🙂

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