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Day 19 — A little overwhelmed

Today’s intention is to workout to relieve some stress!

Today, I feel a little overwhelmed. My appointment went well this morning. The nurses are so sweet — they all commented that they loved my new hair and said how great I look! It made me feel good :). I am fortunate to have such wonderful and caring people at our doctor’s office! Many of the nurses have suffered through infertility so they really understand what we are going through! The office was tremendously busy — I normally wait 5 minutes and this morning,I waited 20-30. Spring is in the air, I guess. While waiting for my blood to be drawn, I scheduled our IVF consult (yay) for April 23rd and received a HUGE packet of information and consent forms to sign. Yikes — what are we getting ourselves into?!?! Blood was drawn, ultrasound showed a happy uterus and cyst-free ovaries, so I was cleared for IVF. The Dr then explained some next steps. First, start birth control today — check. Second, make IVF consult appointment — check. Third, talk to the coordinator about the lab schedule — waiting for call from coordinator. There is a lot to take in, tons of forms to sign, and plenty of decisions to make. Plus, today has been a crazy day of running around for work, all which has made me feel a little overwhelmed.

The IVF consult is a 2-hour meeting — holy cow — with our Dr, the nurse coordinator, and the insurance coordinator. Apparently, there is a lot to discuss. We will review the protocol, order medicine, sign all the consent forms, undergo a sample transfer to measure my uterus, have a sonohysterogram to make sure my uterus doesn’t have any polyps, and hubby will have sperm sample frozen just in case there is an emergency on retrieval day. I will also have a million questions to ask about the protocol, how to give myself injections (I’ve done it before, but not everyday), how many appointments to expect, etc, etc.

Strangely enough, I am still very excited to get this cycle started and for our IVF consult. I will workout tonight and I will feel less overwhelmed, but since I won’t be able to really workout once the injections start, I will have to find a new hobby to deal with stress. I should still be able to walk and do light yoga and breathing — I will just have to see how I feel. I obviously don’t want to do anything to hurt my chances of getting and staying pregnant!

I am grateful for positive people; supportive and loving friends and family; my hubby; IVF; great doctors; my health; love, happiness, and laughter!

I love and accept myself!


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