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Day 18 – HAPPY!

Today’s intention is to go for a walk and enjoy the sunshine!

Today, I am super HAPPY! It seems my impatience yesterday paid off — woo! I got my period this morning — never thought I’d be so happy about that — which means I am off to the doctor tomorrow for my Day 2 bloodwork and ultrasound. Hopefully, everything will look good, and I will get some instructions about next steps and will be able to schedule our first IVF consultation with Dr. D. I am certainly ready to learn about the medical protocol and the schedule. Of course there will be a lot of injections, blood work, and ultrasounds in our future, but I just know that all of this will end in a happy and healthy pregnancy! I also spoke to my boss yesterday and let her know that we are beginning IVF soon. She is very supportive (thankfully) and said to let her know if I need anything as we go through this grueling process.

To my IVF buddies out there — any questions I should ask my dr? I have the basic questions — how long should I be on BC? How much medicine? When should I take it? How should I take it? Am I missing anything?

I am grateful for my health; love and happiness; medical advances such as IVF; my period starting; my wonderful hubby; my loving and supportive friends; my kind and supportive boss; and, my puppy Kahli!

I love and accept myself!




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2 thoughts on “Day 18 – HAPPY!

  1. I can still remember how excited I was when I found out am bleeding 🙂 next step!!!

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