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Day 16 – jet lagged and crampy

Today’s intention is to catch up from vacation.

Today, I feel jet-lagged and have cramps. We fell asleep very early last night – we are awake for almost 24-hours and am surprised we made it as long as we did. Before falling asleep, we had a great sushi dinner – it was so good — and unpacked. We have tons of laundry to get through and a house to clean. It will all get done! I slept well last night and think that my body might actually be adjusting back to ‘normal’ time. I slept in this morning, then we got brunch, and re-stocked our fridge. I am so happy that we have a fully-stocked fridge full of Perfect 10 friendly food including organic eggs, avocados, and fresh seafood (salmon, shrimp, and scallops). Yummy! I haven’t weighed used yet, and think I will wait a week or so – I don’t think I gained too much on vacation, but I refuse to be upset with myself if I gained a pound or two.

This week is all about getting back in to my normal routine. Grocery shopping was the first step, working out is next, and then I will clean up the house, finish spring/summer decorating, put a dent in the laundry, and give Kahli a bath. I also have cramps – yay! I know, who gets excited about cramps?!?! But, it means that my period will be here in the next few days and we can start IVF! I could be pregnant by Mother’s Day :-). So much to look forward to – I am feeling good and know that this will be a great week!

I am grateful to be home; for my sweet puppy, Kahli; my wonderful hubby; amazing friends; fabulous family; and my healthy body!

I love and accept myself!


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3 thoughts on “Day 16 – jet lagged and crampy

  1. Glad you’re home and getting settled! We must be AF buddies, because I just started today. I wasn’t so good on vacation, though, so I’m getting back into it and hoping that this cycle doesn’t suffer too much from it.

    • I am also getting back into my healthy routine — I love it! It’s always a challenge on vacation, but I did okay, and I refuse to beat myself up about it. I am sure your cycle will go well — our bodies are amazing at healing!

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