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Almost home

We are in the Frankfurt airport heading home from our awesome European vacation. We had a 650am flight from Venice this morning, so have been up since 3am this morning. We got less than 4 hours of sleep and I was awake every 30-45 minutes because I was nervous we would somehow sleep through the wake-up call and alarms. So far, the voyage home is going well. We had an easy trip in the water bus to the airport and the first leg of our trip from Venice to Frankfurt went smoothly. We grabbed a bite to eat and some caffeine and will be boarding our flight to Newark soon. Yay! I am excited to get home – we will land in Newark around 230 in the afternoon and are going to pick-up our puppy on the drive home. We have a ton of laundry to wash and I would like to get to the grocery store and make a dent in the hundreds of work emails in my inbox – returning from such a long vacation is always a bit hectic, but we’ll make it work.

It will be nice to be home and back to my regular routine of working out, eating healthy, and getting plenty of rest. It will take a couple days to adjust to US time, but at least I will be doing so in my own bed. I should get my period in the next few days, and it’s back to the doctor to check my hormones, do a quick ultrasound, and plan for our next cycle. For the first few weeks, I will be on birth control – seems a little counter-productive, but it allows the doctor to time the cycle. After the bc pills, I start the heavy hormones to stimulate my ovaries to produce a lot of healthy eggs that will be used to create embryos. We originally planned to do PGD to check the embryos before implantation, but our insurance company doesn’t cover it – it’s experimental :-(. It’s an additional $6,000 so we are going to skip it this go-around and think about it if necessary in the future. We are paying through the nose for our insurance, so I was definitely disappointed that they don’t cover this testing, but it is what it is. After all, it only takes one good embryo to get us a baby 🙂

Home sweet home, here we come!









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2 thoughts on “Almost home

  1. Looks like a lovely trip!

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