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Day 15 – rested

Today’s intention is to enjoy every minute of our vacation.

Today, I feel rested. We decided to sleep in this morning to recover from our day of travel from Paris to Venice. The trip was actually uneventful, which is always a good thing. We took a train from Bayeaux to Paris and then the subway to the airport. The hardest part of the trip was figuring out how to check-in at the airport. The flight was easy and the boat trip from the airport to the hotel was a piece of cake. Our hotel is right next to the water bus stop and is surrounded by magnificent and very expensive shops. After we got in, we went to Harry’s bar – the very same one where Hemmingway used to write I had a Bellini, which has its origins at Harry’s. After the cocktails, we stumbled on an amazing restaurant. The owner was very nice and appreciated my attempts to speak Italian. The food was sensational and he gave us free dessert wine and champagne. Needless to say, we left a very generous tip. We returned to the hotel and drifted to sleep quickly.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I rarely drink and only eat healthful foods. I have continued to eat healthy while traveling, but have also made a conscious choice to enjoy everything this adventure has to offer including wine and dessert once in a while. I can’t imagine that a few sweets and a few glasses of wine will negatively impact IVF. In fact, I am sure that this trip and enjoying myself will positively impact our first cycle. This vacation was a much-needed break from life and is exactly what the doctor ordered to prepare for our IVF cycle. I refuse to feel guilty about enjoying myself and am so very grateful to have this opportunity before getting and staying pregnant.

I am grateful for my family; my in-laws; fabulous vacations; good food and excellent wine; love, life and laughter; great friends; and, a wonderful husband.

I love and accept myself!






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One thought on “Day 15 – rested

  1. Elise on said:

    You are absolutely right! You have nothing to feel guilty about! I’m so glad you are enjoying yourself, but I’m a little anxious to have you back! Who knew a week without my sis would be so hard! I love hearing about your adventures! Keep them coming!

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