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Day 14 – adventurous

Today’s intention is to take advantage of the opportunities of today.

Today I feel adventurous. We are on the train back to Paris to catch a flight to Venice. The train is very nice and so far it’s been an easy trip. We will have a couple hours in Paris, but since we have our luggage (and we already spent a few days in Paris) will probably head directly to the airport and grab brunch there. I have been to Italy, but never to Venice and am very much looking forward to our trip. The initial weather reports aren’t very promising – lots of rain – but hopefully we’ll have enough dry time to enjoy this magnificent city! I am also looking forward to eating more healthful than we’ve done in France – its hard to turn down a chocolate croissant and some of the best cheese in the world, so I indulged some — after all, it’s vacation! 🙂 From the research I did for the trip, Venetian food is quite good and very healthy – there are great seafood options and I look forward to them! I am sure we will have a great finish to our vacation and I am looking forward to some fun adventures!

I am grateful for adventure; healthy food; my wonderful hubby; vacation; and love.

I love and accept myself!20120408-173315.jpg





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