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Day 13 – Renewed

Today’s intention is to live well and laugh often.

Today, I am feeling renewed. The beauty of the French countryside accompanied by beautiful spring weather has given me a renewed sense of self. There are so many colorful flowers blooming and at least 8 ducks, and 2 swans roaming around the chateau – the new life gives me hope. Hope is such an important part of my fertility journey and having it renewed and feeling such a strong sense of life can only put me in the right mindset for first IVF cycle.

Last night, we had another delicious and plentiful dinner followed by a night out in town with our sister and brother-in-law. We enjoyed out time out drinking and laughing – it was great to get out and just be normal!

Today, we are heading to Mount Saint Michelle to visit the town and your the sensational cathedral. We have one more night with our family and have a nice dinner planned with them. In the morning, we head back to Paris to catch a flight to Venice!!

I am grateful for this time of peace, reflection, and relaxation; for my wonderful and loving husband; my very funny and caring sister and brother-in-law; my very generous and loving parents-in-law; and the beautiful spring weather!

I love and accept myself!


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