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Day 12 – allergic

Today’s intention is to make healthy choices.

Today, my allergies are driving me crazy. It may have something to do with some of my food choices – I ate some cheese yesterday and tried a few bites of my hubby’s cheese plate Friday night at dinner. I rarely eat dairy, and now I remember why. It’s very hard in the land of decadent cheese to forgo these opportunities, but going forward, I will choose more wisely. My eyes and face are itching, but should be fine by tomorrow if I avoid dairy today. It could also be the incessant cigarette smoking. I am shocked that so many people – especially young folks – constantly have a cigarette in their mouth :-(.

In any event, today we are heading to the louvre. Yay! It’s so beautiful and if course the art is fabulous. On Sunday’s, admission is free, so we are taking advantage and then heading to Normandy later this afternoon. I really can’t wait! I wish that everyone had the opportunity for a pre-IVF trip. So far, it’s proving to be exactly what I need to relax :-).

I am grateful for free admission; spending time with family; laughing; love; a good life; smiling; and, good food.

I love and accept myself!


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