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Bayeaux – lovely!

We arrived in Bayeaux, France earlier this afternoon, and I love it! We are staying in an idyllic chateau called the chateau de bellafontaine! It is charming, romantic, and relaxing! There is a beautiful stream with a stone bridge as well as 6 ducks and 2 gorgeous swans. The flowers are blooming and the trees tower over the landscape. The rooms are beautiful and quite large and the views are breathtaking. If you ever visit Bayeaux and are in need of relaxation, you must stay here!

We didn’t rent a car, so we have 10-minute wall to town, which suits me perfectly. We walked to town shortly after our arrival and found a quaint cafe for lunch. We enjoyed delicious crepes and had a quick tour of the little village. Since its Sunday, many of the shops were closed, but I am looking forward to walking the streets tomorrow morning before we tour Normandy. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect setting for relaxation! There are even sun loungers in the front of the chateau – we laid outside for a bit earlier and I look forward to reading some outside tomorrow. We will only be here for a few days, and then off to Venice, but I am so glad to have a few days of peace and quiet first!

Tonight, we are having wine and hors d’oeuvres with the family and then heading into town for Dad’s favorite restaurant. I am sure we will have another great evening together! I have been laughing so much that my stomach muscles hurt :-).

We are so fortunate to be on this European adventure! Getting ready for IVF can be somewhat draining emotionally. There is so much to read and plenty of preparations to make. As long as my body cooperates, we will begin IVF upon our return to the US. My days will be regimented and scheduled around shots and I will have multiple doctor’s appointments each week. Thankfully, I like and trust my doctors, but really, who wants to go to the doctor 3-4 times per week?!? And, let’s face it, the appointments are a bit intrusive… I hope this doesn’t come off as complaining – I am thankful that we have the technology to help women like me conceive and am fortunate to have insurance that covers a good portion of the bill, but it’s a hard road to navigate at times. As we enter this cycle, I will continue to focus on our many blessings and will use this positive energy to get through the rough patches.

Dinner time! Yay 🙂20120404-101830.jpg20120404-101733.jpg20120403-150040.jpg20120403-145956.jpg



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2 thoughts on “Bayeaux – lovely!

  1. Elise on said:

    I’m so sad we are missing this adventure! I wish we could all be there together. whine, whine, I know. Have a wonderful time! I love hearing about your excursions.

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