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Day 8 – Stressed

Today’s Intention — Slow down and smell the roses… and pack 🙂

Today, I feel stressed. I have so much going on this week between trying to get ahead at work and preparing for vacation. Leaving for vacation — especially one in which I won’t have any contact with work — always makes me nervous. I know it’s silly, but I have a very large team and I want to make sure that they get everything they need while I am away. I trust everyone, but always feel like I am abandoning ship a little when I take time off. We are much busier that I anticipated, and this week has been intense. Hopefully that means next week will be super quiet and I will return to a calm work place. One can dream 🙂

I also have plenty to do before we fly away tomorrow. I want to clean up the house — I hate coming home to a disheveled house. And, we still have to pack. Packing shouldn’t take too long, but I have to make sure I bring the right outfits. We have some nice evenings planned with our family so I need to pack some dressy outfits. We are planning to head to see Hunger Games tonight and I want to get Kahli bathed, need to workout tonight, want to bring some healthy foods, etc, etc. Yes, the important stuff will all get done, but I am feeling crunched for time.

On the bright side, tomorrow night we will be on a plane headed to Paris!!!! YAY 🙂

I am grateful for vacation; great friends who are watching Kahli; wonderful in-laws for taking us on this trip with them; my hubby for planning our excursion to Venice; getting to see my London-based sis and bro-in-law; feeling rested; and, starting IVF when we return from vacation! YAY

I love and accept myself!


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