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Day 3 – Strength

Today intention is — find the happy!

I am feeling strong today! With all the craziness of IVF, the one thing that going through all this has given me is increased strength. You don’t really “plan” to be infertile, and when it happens, you are thrown to the wolves so to speak. At first, I felt helpless and trapped in a maze that didn’t seem to have an end. I just followed my doctor’s advice blindly and felt very alone. Thankfully, very early in the fertility maze, the universe blessed me with a very dear friend who has become my fertility partner throughout this journey. I was a few months into the journey and had just suffered a devastating ectopic pregnancy. Amazingly enough, we ran into each other at the doctor’s office — we knew each other because we hung out in a similar friend circle — and we became instant friends. Although we have different diagnoses, we support each other and have made many positive changes to increase our fertility. Going through this with a friend has given me the strength — I am compelled to read books, research topics on the internet, and ask more questions because I am not only helping me, but my friend as well. As I began to learn more, I realized that even in this frustrating world, I still have control and a lot of power. In the end, it is up to me to ask why and how; I didn’t have to take the doctor’s word as gospel — every patient is different and requires different treatment options. It is easy to get lost in the maze, but it’s important to find your voice and be strong!

I am grateful for SPRING and the beautiful sunshine; for my wonderful friend mentioned above; for friends near and far who make me smile; my husband who always reminds me that I am more than enough; my Jax sis-in-law who always seems to know when I need a quick text or phone call; my BF for always making me laugh; my brother and soon-to-be sis-in-law for welcoming me into their how this weekend; and, for FRIDAY!!!

I love and accept myself!


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