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Getting Ready!

My period started last week, which means I will be ready to start IVF when we return from our vacation. We are heading to France and Italy at the end of the month for which I am more than excited, and now I have something to look forward to upon our return home. This month, my period was absolutely dreadful – it was very heavy, and I got an awful migraine on the first day. It was also longer than usual, maybe because of the miscarriage. Who knows?!? On the bright side, I feel great now and am just getting ready – both for our trip and for our first round of IVF.

I have been taking even better care of myself with a focus in my diet and exercise. This week, I am beginning eating a diet that focuses on balancing hormones. It includes more fat — good fat of course — than I am used to eating, but I am excited for the results. I will be eating whole eggs, avocados, almond butter, and a variety of nuts as well as other organize foods. More importantly, I will be avoiding all processed foods, refined sugar, and yucky chemicals! I eat very of these things now, and going forward won’t eat any of them.

Other than taking care of myself, I am getting ready for all things IVF-related. We are good to go with our insurance, my boss knows what is going on and is very supportive, and I have a decent idea of the schedule and protocol. Go team!


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4 thoughts on “Getting Ready!

  1. Elise on said:

    I’m so excited for you! Let’s go team!

  2. Are you doing the perfect 10 diet? That’s what I’m on, too, and it works! I love being able to cook with butter and eat full fat yogurt!

    Excited for you!

    • I am doing the Perfect 10 diet — yay! It is nice to eat real food and real fat. I am in Phase 1 right now and learning so much. Thank you and enjoy your trip!

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