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Update — Dr. Appt

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Whew — this week has been exhausting! I normally work from home, but this week, not so much. I was on the road a lot and was meeting with clients who weren’t very happy with us — in the end, everything worked out, but it was a bit stressful.

On Tuesday, we met with our RE to discuss our last miscarriage and next steps. We knew that the miscarriage was caused by a chromosomal abnormality — the fetus was missing an x-chromosome. Apparently this is a “normal” miscarriage, so nothing too much to learn from it. Our RE recommended that we move to IVF — a step that hubby and I feel very good about. We talked about immediate next steps and thankfully, Dr. D said that we could start with our next cycle with my next period — YAY — which makes me very, very happy! As soon I get my period, we call the dr, and the fun begins. I will take birth control for a few weeks during which I will have a sonohystogram and a practice transfer, and then bring on the injections. I am very interested to learn more about the medication protocol, but I’ll have to wait a little.

The only surprise of our appointment came when our RE recommended PGD, which is genetic testing done on the embryos. Since I have a history of recurrent pregnancy loss, he thinks might help our chances of success. As part of the PGD process, a few cells are removed from the embryo, and the chromosomes are checked by an embryologist from a third-party company to make sure that everything is “normal”. I like this idea, but it’s not necessarily covered by insurance. Wouldn’t it be great if insurance companies covered things that improved one’s chances of getting and staying pregnant? On the bright side, our IVF with ICSI has been approved by the insurance devils– yay — but PGD hasn’t been approved (yet). I spoke to my insurance angel at our RE’s office and she is working on it. I also called my insurance company, and am waiting for them to return my call. I also had a good chat with the third-party PGD company to get a cost breakdown — it would basically cost $5k without insurance. What to do, what to do?!?!


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One thought on “Update — Dr. Appt

  1. I know how good it feel when your doctor tell you that you can start your IVF on the next cycle 🙂

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