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Whew! What a week…

Hi blogging world! This week was crazy — I can’t believe how quickly it flew by! It started off with insurance issues — basically, I hate insurance companies — and ended with a fun dinner party! First, the insurance drama.

I received an “explanation of benefits” from my insurance company last Saturday stating that they were denying my claim for the D&C I had in late January. The explanation stated that I didn’t have a referral on file. I promptly called my doctor’s office on Monday morning to get more details. My insurance angel, Ms. D, explained that since this was a direct access procedure that I didn’t need a referral or authorization for the D&C. I then called the insurance devils and was put through the ringer — ugh! The claims person told me that I needed a referral for this procedure. I also found out that hubby’s work put through our paperwork with the wrong birthdate and SSN# — something that can’t be corrected over the phone (because that would make too much sense) instead we have to get his company to re-submit paperwork. The claims person suggested that I call the infertility group to explain why I wasn’t covered for the D&C. I called the infertility line and spoke to a wonderfully kind agent who said that I was in fact covered for the procedure and that no referral or authorization was required. She also noted that my doctor’s office called the day before my D&C to confirm this. She said that the procedure should be covered and that I should call the claim devils back and explain this to them. I did just that, and this claims person was even worse than the first — she was mean and not understanding. I told her how disappointed I was — she basically said she couldn’t help me because she was only allowed to read off a computer screen. She also said that the woman I spoke to at the infertility group was wrong and I owed them a thousand dollars. I made a few more calls to hubby’s work, the infertility line, and back to the claims crazies. I finally hung up in tears, and called Ms. D back. She went into action immediately by calling the insurance company crazies with me conferenced in, asking for a supervisor, and taking care of the situation. The supervisor admitted that the procedure should and would be covered — she didn’t apologize for treating me poorly, but at least I don’t owe an additional $1,000. I sincerely hate insurance companies — they are evil! We upgraded our insurance this year and pay a ridiculously high monthly premium, but I have never had such bad customer service. I hope it gets better as we enter the IVF world! Because of all the confusion with my birth date and SS#, I had to cancel the consult with my RE and reschedule it for March 6th. How frustrating!!! In the end, it worked out, but no one should have to go through this to get the coverage they were promised and have paid for!

Fast forward to the end of the week… On Friday, I attended a conference at my alma mater — I volunteer to fundraise for the university, and am often invited to meetings and fancy dinners. It was a great conference, but at the dinner one of the fundraising members asked me how my kids were doing. I answered that we don’t have kids yet — at which point most people would stop questioning — but she went on how she could have sworn I was pregnant last time she saw me and that she was certain I had kids. I definitely wasn’t pregnant the last time she saw me and I am pretty sure I would know better than her if we had kids. Yes, I am being a little over-sensitive, but infertility does that to me. I was also speaking to another member of the conference at this point who doesn’t have kids and she mentioned that they were trying, but having some trouble, and the fertile conference member said, “oh you just need to relax. As soon as you quit trying, you’ll get pregnant.” I hate when people say things like this — trust me, I am sure that my fertility challenges have nothing to do with stress or trying to hard. We both smiled, and fertile Mertile went on her merry way. Sometimes I feel like infertility slaps me in the face everywhere I go :(. Thankfully, the dinner was delicious and our dinner conversation had nothing to do with babies.

The week ended with a fabulous dinner party that we hosted for my virtual teams who live  locally. 11 people were able to make it, and we had a great time laughing, telling stories, and getting to know each other outside of work. I spent most of the day cooking, and thankfully, everyone loved the food! Although I love working from home, it is nice to connect with people in person, and I can’t wait to have another get together soon!

Have a great week!



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