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Learning and Learning…

It’s been a quiet weekend! Jud and I are both sick with a terrible cough and sinus infection — ugh! We had a lot planned, but pretty much slept all weekend. Hopefully all the rest and medicine will help me get through tomorrow. I have to head into the city for work, which is always tough on my body. I rarely get sick, but this illness knocked me on my butt — I am sure the stress of last week’s miscarriage and D&C weakened my body just enough to allow all the germs in :-(. Yuck!

On the bright side, all the down time has allowed me an opportunity to learn even more about preparing my body for IVF. I’ve been reading about what to expect — lots of needles, doctor’s appointments, and sore ovaries! I am fortunate that I work from home most days , but my job can be very demanding and stressful, so I am looking for ways to de-stress my life by adding yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation into my daily routine as well as getting back to my normal cardio workout regimen. I am also meeting with my acupuncturist this week to begin treatments to nourish my body! I love acupuncture — it has helped me so much over the last few months! I have noticed a big difference in my energy level as well as how I sleep. Beyond that, my allergies have completely gone away and my stomach issues are also pretty much gone! I also think it’s helped me in my fertility journey, and will be a big part of me getting and staying pregnant with IVF.

I have also taken some time to learn more about supplements and vitamins — what should I add to my current vitamin and mineral selection? It’s so exciting to read the recent research. It gives me a lot of hope that there are changes I can make to increase my fertility. The most exciting research that I came across is the use of Melatonin with IVF cycles. Melatonin is an herbal supplement that helps people sleep, but is also has been shown to do remarkable things to help a woman’s fertility. It has a remarkable power to protect the eggs from harmful chemicals, which means better and more eggs during an IVF cycle! Woman who take 3mg of melatonin each night produced more eggs during their cycle and had a much higher pregnancy success rate (compared to what they had during their first cycle)! Even if a woman isn’t doing IVF, melatonin helps — especially women with PCOS — to produce higher quality eggs, which means a lower rate of miscarriage. Here is one of the studies about using Melatonin ( — so exciting!

I am also back on Weight Watchers. I am by no means fat or obese, but there is a lot of research showing that woman who have PCOS benefit from having a lower BMI – closer to 20 or so. I am currently around 24, so could stand to lose a few pounds. My goal is to lose between 8-10% of of my body weight, which should be relatively easy over the next 4-6 weeks. Yay for positive changes :-). It’s so nice to have some control in all of this — it honestly makes me feel better to know there are things that I can do to help my chances!! Time to keep learning 😉


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3 thoughts on “Learning and Learning…

  1. It sounds like you are on a great track. The pain of a miscarriage is something that takes a while to dull, and I don’t know if it will ever completely go away. However, in my experience, having a plan and something else to focus on and put energy into is the best plan to help you get through it.

  2. Thanks! I love having a plan of action and feeling some control in all of this craziness :-). Hope you’re doing well today!

  3. I’m learning so much from you! Whenever I have questions in the future, I’m coming to you! 🙂 I’m also glad you’re feeling better, now.

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