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I met with my OB/GYM today to get his opinion about this last year and all things fertility-related. It was a good appointment. He was very reassuring and told me that he was certain we would have a baby. We discussed the treatment protocol we’ve used this year and the outcomes of each cycle. He wasn’t overly concerned about the chemical pregnancies — he said they are very common and that most women don’t even realize when they have one. Since we are undergoing fertility treatments, the doctors track every part of my cycle, so I know the instant that I’m pregnant, which means I know when I have an early chemical pregnancy. He was slightly concerned about the ecotopic pregnancy, but since I had a clear HSG and a intra-uterine pregnancy after the ectopic, he said we should be okay in the future. He also recommended another procedure to looks for uterine fibroids or any other defect on the wall of my uterus that might cause the embryo to not get enough nourishment. Finally, when I asked him for his recommendation about what to do next, he also recommended IVF. It makes me feel better to have a second opinion and to have another doctor tell me that everything will be okay…


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