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Getting back to normal…

It’s such a weird thing — you wake up one day pregnant and then go to sleep the same day not pregnant. And, then within days, it’s time to get back to “normal.” Physically, I feel fine — no cramping and no pain… Emotionally, I am also doing okay, but still feel a little numb. It’s hard to believe that all of this happened in the last week.

Starting tomorrow, my life gets back to normal. I am going back to work, which I am excited about. I love my job — helping people achieve their dreams and goals! I can also go back to working out and eating my regular healthy diet. In the morning, I have an appointment with my OB/GYN. It will be interesting to hear his opinion on what we should do next in our journey to have a baby. We had planned to move to IVF, but then we got pregnant naturally in December, so I am not sure if IVF makes sense… But I also want to make the best decision for my future health and the health of our future baby.

We will have a lot of decisions to make over the next few weeks, and no matter what we decide, it will be part of our new normal.


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