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The D&C was a relatively quick and physically painless procedure. We had to get into the doctor’s office early this morning — around 730 — to prep for the procedure. First, the doctor did another ultrasound to confirm the baby didn’t have a heartbeat. In a weird way it was comforting – one last chance to say goodbye and to confirm that this was actually a necessary step. Then, he answered any additional questions we had and explained how they would test the fetal tissue in an attempt to discover what went wrong. Next, the nurse had me change into a gown and keep only my warm Broncos socks on. My hubby and I then were brought to a pre-op room where I sat in a very comfy chair with a warmer and blanket on. The nurse was SO nice and walked us through the procedure and explained each step of what would happen. I read a lot of instructions, then signed a bunch of papers. Next, the nurse took some blood and started an IV. She added some meds to the IV and took me to the restroom to make sure my bladder was completely empty. When I got back to my chair, the anesthesiologist had arrived and explained again what would happen in the operating room. Then it was time to head back to the operating room, so I followed the nurses back and sat on the operating table. We were talking about Tim Tebow because the nurses noticed my socks and then somehow we started to talk a little politics. I laid down on the table and the nurses positioned my legs and the anesthesiologist added the sedative and pain meds to my IV. The next thing I knew, I was waking up in the recovery room warm and cozy under the warmer and blanket and the head nurse was on her way to get my hubby. I had no pain, but felt very tired. I was very happy to see Jud – we sat and chatted and waited a bit for the doctor to come back to check-in with us. He explained that everything went well and that I should go into the office in one week for bloodwork to check my hormones. I also have to set up a follow-up appointment with my fertility doctor in a few weeks to discuss next steps.

After talking to the doctor, Jud drove me home where I spent a lot of the morning sleeping. I also drank ginger ale and ate ritz crackers to calm my tummy. I am feeling well physically, but still tired and a little queasy. My acupuncturist recommended eating 1-2 whole eggs to heal my cervix and uterus, so I had two eggs for lunch. Yummy!

Finally, I have to say thank you to all of my wonderful loved ones who have supported me through this! First and foremost my fabulous husband who always makes me feel better! Second, my mom who flew out to be with me through all of this awfulness. Third to all my friends for doing everything from bringing us food to eat (thank you, Janet) to calling and texting me to letting me cry on your shoulder! I am not used to asking for help, but you all made this terrible news easier to handle and this procedure bearable.


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